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A Tunnel Network is any collection of buildings that link to a large underground catacomb of tunnels that allow for stealthy travel around a locale. In the competitive gaming world, this means cheap near instant transport between any two points. In other media, while not allowing for something as cheap as delivering a Zerg Rush to your doorstep, can allow for secretive travel between locations hiding both literal and logistical foot prints. In Real Genius, steam tunnels are how Lazlo gets around Pacific Tech unseen — they are modeled on the very real tunnels beneath Caltech. Bane and his mooks employ the Gotham sewer network in The Dark Knight Rises as a lair and a means of transportation. In Good Omens, there's a sequence where various New Age beliefs start coming true, one of which is the conspiracy theory that the Secret Masters of the World live in a cave beneath Tibet and travel around the world through an extensive tunnel system.
In Pyrates, there's a large network of tunnels and caves underneath New York City, used both by homeless people simply to survive, and by smugglers and thieves. Isaac Asimov's The Caves of Steel features a very extensive road network underneath New York. In Thud!, the dwarfs have created a tunnel network under Ankh-Morpork, partly so they can look for the McGuffin without anyone noticing, and partly because it wouldn't occur to them not to dig underground to where they want to go. 2000's Secret Agent Man (no, not the one with Patrick McGoohan) had an underground highway system that allowed the agents to drive great distances at high speed out of sight of anyone on the surface.
Beauty and the Beast had an extensive underground network in association with the NY subway system, with a whole Secret Society down there.
The Silence have a whole network spanning the entire surface of the Earth in Doctor Who, allowing them to control the human race without humanity knowing. The Torchwood Three team were based in one that included a disused secret underground railway connecting them (Cardiff) to London and Scotland. The sewers, catacombs, and assorted tunnel networks in Los Angeles, Washington, and New York provided escape and ambush routes for every terrorist's 24-hour plan to destroy the USA. On The 100, the Reapers live in and travel through various abandoned tunnels left from before the apocalypse. The Skaven (rat-men) of Warhammer have an extremely advanced network of tunnels often extending under cities and even under the ocean.
In Warhammer 40,000, Necrons tomb-worlds have catacombs you could lose a cathedral in, housing thousands upon thousands of dormant Necron warriors. Dawn of War's Imperial Guard buildings have this capacity, as well as certain catacombs in the Necron stronghold mission. In The Battle for Middle-Earth 2, both the Dwarven faction and the Goblin faction had resource-mining structures that doubled as entrances to their respective Tunnel Networks. Since fortresses in Dwarf Fortress tend to be mainly underground anyway, they usually incorporate some degree of this.
Advanced Strategic Command allows to pool resources in buildings via either pipelines constructed by bulldozers or inconvenient direct contact of buildings. Dragon Age: Origins has the Deep Roads, formerly a highway system for the dwarven kingdoms but now almost entirely held by the darkspawn. Age of Mythology had a god power that created a tunnel that you could put in two different spots to transport units via the two tunnels. The sewers of New York in Freedom Fighters are utilized by the American Resistance to move about underneath the eyes of the occupying Soviets. In Battlezone II: Combat Commander, the ISDF's Cerberus Base on Pluto has a network of tunnels large enough for their Hover Tanks to fit four abreast through. Annyseed features a large underground tunnel network that connects many of the residents of Skull Valley. The eponymous institution in Tales Of Gnosis College has an extensive network of steam tunnels running underneath its campus, which it happens to share with an adjacent Catholic women's college. Similarly, the steam tunnels at the eponymous institution Smithson, used by the campus superhero. In Pound Puppies (2010), the dogs base their operations in a central underground hub and use a series of tunnels beneath the shelter grounds to get themselves and puppies into and out of the pound.

The bumptious Mayor on Pecola has a series of secret tunnels beneath the town which he uses to get himself out of tight spots (such as answering his constituents' probing questions). North Korea has dug incursion tunnels under the DMZ for use during an invasion of South Korea. Portland, Oregon, has a nifty system of tunnels, popularly known as the Shanghai tunnels, which according to possibly dubious 19th century historical record, were used to kidnap men (known as "shanghaiing") as free labor on the ships that sailed in and out of the city's port.
Fortresses of the Maginot Line were connected by tunnels, and presented a formidable defensive obstacle.
The city of Tabor in Hussite War-era Bohemia had a full tunnel system dug beneath it (this was the early 15th century!).
Walt Disney World has such a network to hide certain aspects of park operations from the customers (trash collection being primary). Disneyland's is much less extensive, but most of the restaurants in the New Orleans Square area share an underground central kitchen. Laval University in Quebec has all of its buildings linked by tunnels, so people can avoid being outdoors during the winter.
TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Across the Atlantic: London's River Westbourne, which runs from Hampstead, through Hyde Park to Sloane Square and into the River Thames at Chelsea. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It is steeped in history with its banks rumoured to be where Queen Boudiccaa€™s army fought battles against the Romans. Snaking under the streets of Camden, Holborn and King's Cross, the River Fleet once openly flowed for four miles from Hampstead Ponds to the more famous Thames. A ghostly figure leans against a huge brick tunnel which was built to move sewage waters from the River Fleet into the Thames. Most of the tunnels are totally closed off to the public - but some lucky people have been able to get a glimpse of them. Wells were built to extract waters which people believed had healing qualities, which gave rise to the name Clerkenwell. It even gave its name to the street that would become the home of the British newspaper industry - Fleet Street. The river has two sources - one in Hampstead and one in Highgate - which meet close to King's Cross.
An artist's impression (1st-3rd century) of a ship carrying ragstone at the entrance to the Fleet. After the the Great Fire of London in 1666, Sir Christopher Wren put forward plans to widen it so that it could act as future fire break and stop flames spreading. These amazing pictures show how the river might have once looked when it was part of everyday London life. Some parts are not as ornate but equally functional and finally lead the ancient waters into the River Thames. The headlamp on this lone figure illuminates the route through which the river, now sewer, runs.
Sometimes these might have been built by dedicated criminal networks for the sake of transporting things covertly from place to place. A shrewd gamer will be able to take advantage of this and employ what is called tunnel popping, quickly transferring units in and out of tunnels, and all around the map to a devastating effect. Heinlein's Starship Troopers features bug colonies had vast underground tunnel networks that allowed them to pop up and attack the MI on the surface of the planet.
This results in things like gardening programs offering tips on what to do if a nosy Tibetan monk pops up in the middle of your flower bed.
It's restricted to police and emergency vehicles and is used by these to rapidly travel through the city. By the end of the book, the network has been seized by the Patrician, who seems to have plans for it, possibly involving propelled carriages of some kind.

Seattle has a network of sealed tunnels because above-ground is infested by zombies and the Deadly Gas that creates them.
The drugged humans on a space station have cut through the deck and cut holes in the fuel tanks to create underdeck passages throughout the ship.
The Drow can move along underground passageways and emerge at various points on the surface. Regularly an Adeptus Mechanicus expedition drops in on one, squees out at the Machine God's gift, and are promptly slaughtered when they start prodding around. Dwarven and goblin civilisations also create large tunnels linking settlements created during worldgen, and beneath those there are three levels of naturally-formed cavern system that blur the line somewhat between this trope and Beneath the Earth. Not only this saves bothering with transport, but producing some units require more materials than the factory or dock can hold. The tunnels are largely used for storage, with recessed cargo rooms and surface access into to warehouses.
In the webcomic we see Anny and Winston use one of the tunnels to get from Professor Tripadiculous' secret lab to Hamish the Swamp Dragon's cave.
Unfortunately, very few French military or political leaders gave much thought to what they were supposed to do if the Germans managed to get around them, and building the Line left very little money in the defence budget for modern aircraft or armoured vehicles. The system was designed so that the militia could rush through the tunnels to the heart of town if an enemy attacked, while the enemy was forced to negotiate a series of narrow streets so that no matter where they emerged, they'd walk into a massed barrage. Wright State University in Ohio has a similar system, with only two or three buildings left out of the loop. The waste system was designed in the 1850s by the renowned civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette. After meandering under the city for four miles it flows into the River Thames at Blackfriars Bridge. Pipes in the King's Cross area blew up and a great wave of sewage poured through the streets, damaging buildings and houses.
Sometimes they're built during times of war to allow a way to sneak past, or sneak up on, enemies. A Secret Underground Passage sometimes leads to this, but is technically a different trope. If the building is destroyed but the bunker left alone a worker will emerge and rebuild the building. Buried pipelines are more expensive than open ones, but preferrable: they doesn't hinder unit movement and to break one the enemy must bring a construction unit to it instead of simply bombing. Similar tunnels are used in several of the deathmatch maps, where they can contain alternate weapons or health and ammo pickups.
It's probably the lack of plausible deniability (you can't realistically argue you didn't know that tunnel in your basement led to Mexico) that keeps it from being more widespread.
When the Third Reich pulled a spectacular Dungeon Bypass after The Battle of Fort Eben-Emael, the end result was all but a Foregone Conclusion.
On some days the waters can still be seen discharging into the Thames underneath Blackfriars BridgeLong since covered and forgotten after generations of development the river was vital for Londoners as a place to do business.
Less common uses of Tunnel Networks include avoiding a dangerous climate aboveground, or to serve as the equivalent of roads for those who live Beneath the Earth.
This refers specifically to a massive underground network of tunnels, not a single tunnel used for a singular purpose. Yet another use would be that shifty government laboratory that is not only underground but randomly dusty.

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