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UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: NASA Employee Leaves Top Secret Photos Of Base On Moon On Desk While Press Takes Photo 2012, UFO Sighting News. Update on Aug 2014: Anthony Colapret, the scientist for NASA with his arm on the photo still works for NASA today.
UPDATE: This building is located in the same crater that NASA sent a nuclear bomb to explode. Yes NASA did drop a small nuclear bomb on the moon in 2009, I personally watched it live on the internet with my students. Schneider asserts that he was suspicious of the engineering operation while noticing the presence of Green Berets and Special Forces. Schneider became an outspoken advocate calling for the government to be more transparent about their knowledge of alien life. Rumors have been surfacing for decades about the darkest of government secrets - concealed underground cities called DUMBS. In America alone, there is an estimated 140 DUMBS and they have allegedly been under construction day and night since the 1940s.
Rumors about the hidden underground cities are fueled by ex-employees and whistleblowers with intelligence connections…but is there any substance to these rumors? In the September, 1983 issue of Omni, there is a color drawing of the Los Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine called 'The Subterrene'.
The Black Budget  is a concealed budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States. According to a former Canadian military officer, nobody wants to believe the true sinister nature that lies in the mysteries surrounding thousands of deep underground military bases scattered throughout the world. Timothy recalled first being alerted to the underground military base phenomenon when he researched the mysterious events surrounding cattle manipulation in Alberta, Canada in the late 1970’s. James Casbolt is a former MI6 agent who worked in 'Black Ops' in London between 1995 and 1999. What if whistleblowers like MI6 agent James Casbolt, Phd architect and author Richard Sauder, retired US Air Force Colonel L Fletcher Prouty, author Tim Weiner, structural engineer Philip Schneider and a Canadian military officer are all telling the truth? Up to 120 US military personnel are operating out of two secret drone bases in Somalia, carrying out attacks on Al-Shabab militants and working with African Union peacekeepers, a new report has revealed.
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The structure is at the bottom center of the photo, but must be enlarged 3X to view it better. Also the NASA Ames Research Center does get intel on such structures because one is being used by the USMC as an America base right now!

These underground cities range from 10 miles to 30 miles across with an average depth of four and a quarter miles under the ground. Most of the tunneling activity is beneath military installations and all information is highly restricted. At great personal risk to themselves, whistleblowers have talked publicly about these massive underground installations located in Area 51, the Northrop facility in Antelope Valley, California (rumored to have 42 levels) and the Lockheed installation near Edwards, California. A number of patents were filed by scientists at Los Alamos, a few federal technical documents were written and then the whole thing just dropped out of sight.
From 1955 to 1963,  Prouty was the liaison between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Defense for military support of what he calls Special Operations. According to Prouty, the Secret Team overthrows and influences governments almost at will, all over the globe. Why are governments building a world wide underground system of cities that are interconnected by tunnels?
Schneider was an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases around the United States.
He doesn't expect anybody to believe him, saying most people will think he's talking science fiction anyway.
That technology is used for mind control, advanced military weaponry and weather manipulation with the eventual goal of depopulating the world.
What if a hidden, secret network of underground cities and tunnels really does exist around the globe? Obviously he freaked out and grabbed a pistol he was carrying (because that's what engineers do?) and shot and killed two aliens.
There are an estimated 1500 DUMBS worldwide with 2 underground bases being built every year in the U.S. Installations are also said to exist under US AFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers.
His position gave him access to a wide range of political, intelligence and military operatives - all the way from Washington, DC and the Pentagon to the far corners of the globe. At the core of the Secret Team are members of the CIA, the National Security Council, and various and sundry other military and civilian officials, intelligence operatives, business people and academics. Ever wondered what happened to the trillions in so called losses after the banksters fleeced the sheep and cooked the books at AIG, Lehman Brothers, Worldcom, Enron and other mega corporations and were then rewarded with taxpayer bailouts? Why have they developed a 13 million dollar machine (and there are many of these tunnel machines) that can dig a mile of tunnel large enough for a two lane highway in a matter of minutes? For the last two years of his life, Schneider gave lectures about government cover-ups, black budgets, UFOs and aliens.

But nevertheless he feels compelled to speak, to risk life and limb as the New World Order zeroes in on the last stages of its incredible worldwide population reduction plan. His grandfather was naval intelligence, his father was MI6 who was also involved in 'Black ops' and his uncle was an MI5 officer in Logistics. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge.
Another alien shot some laser-plasma ball or whatever at him and blew off some of his fingers. James is connected to ex intelligence people who have worked in these underground bases and on other ET related projects. Some suggest he was murdered in a military-style execution and brutally tortured before his death. There are vast numbers of children and adults disappearing around the world and ending up in these underground bases. As a former MI6 Agent, he has seen aliens first hand and has inside information that shocks even the most disbelieving person. Underground cities are reportedly capable of accommodating millions - not billions of people.
The facility is now allegedly a chemical-fertilizer facility.Some underground bases still have unknown purposes, such as the massive underground construction project at Yamantau Mountain, 850 miles East of Moscow. Intelligence approaches such alleged locations and facilities with a four-step approach.First, the IC utilizes intelligence assets within the target country to determine the existence and purpose of the facility itself.
The intelligence community tries to confirm those claims with secondary sources of defectors. To the contrary, those efforts only escalated and were targeted toward new and just as pressing national security threats. He is an IT analyst, blogger, journalist, and a researcher for the truth behind strange stories. Freelance writer and editor for over 17 years, she loves to read and loves fringe science and conspiracy theory.Top Secret Writers Gabrielle is a journalist who finds strange stories the media misses, and enlightens readers about news they never knew existed. Whittington, from Houston, Texas, frequently writes on space, science, political commentary and political culture.

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