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If you do not wish to download the large TIFF, just click the × in the top right-hand corner to close this alert. ClipPix ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. July 27, 2013 By Bethany Winston Leave a Comment Share Tweet +14 Pin Yum EmailShares 4What makes Coca-Cola’s secret formula so successful, and why is World of Coca-Cola such a popular destination for families visiting Atlanta, Georgia? Ages: While the World of Coca-Cola accommodates all ages, in my opinion the museum would be best enjoyed by children elementary age through adults.
Parking: Parking is available in the World of Coca-Cola parking garage for $10 a day, two Marta stations are also located within 10 minute walking distances.
Nearby Attractions: The Georgia Aquarium, CNN Tower, and Centennial Olympic Park are all located within easy walking distance of World of Coca-Cola. World of Coca-Cola is essentially a fast-paced multimedia museum about the history and production of the drink Coca-Cola. I did appreciate that all of World of Coca-Cola’s exhibits including the 4-D Movie Theatre are included in the cost of admission. World of Coca-Cola Travel Tip: All visitors to World of Coca-Cola must listen to the introductory live presentation and movie which takes around 30 minutes total. I’ve toured World of Coca-Cola several times, and in my opinion Coca-Cola has kept the museum fresh and interesting. Inside the vault, visitors learn about the history of Coca-Cola’s brand success against counterfeit brands while also being teased with a mixture of history and legend surrounding the secret formula. World of Coca-Cola Travel Tip: Families especially with small children will want to be aware that touring the exhibit does involve being crammed into small rooms much like riding an elevator. Personally, I would count Bottle Works as my favorite exhibit, a miniature real-bottling line that gives families a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of Coca-Cola. World of Coca-Cola Funny Memory: While Susan and I enjoyed the 4-D movie, we were sitting by a couple women who really enjoyed the movie.
World of Coca-Cola Travel Tip: I was excited to see that World of Coca-Cola added several mix-your-own beverage machines. You can find a complete list of World of Coca-Cola’s accessibility options for persons with disabilities on the World of Coca-Cola website under Guest Services.

World of Coca-Cola does not have a restaurant, but Pemberton Cafe is located outside the museum.
Souvenirs: World of Coca-Cola provides a complimentary glass bottle of Coca-Cola to every guest.
Bethany is a local Greenville mom who enjoys sharing her enthusiasm about Greenville with other local families through her website Kidding Around Greenville. Kidding Around Greenville is a for-profit website that provides free content through paid sponsorships.
Our team at Kidding Around Greenville decided to search for the answers to these two questions on our recent weekend trip to Atlanta. Susan and I easily filled a day with just the World of Coca-Cola and The Georgia Aquarium, though with an earlier start it would be possible to tour the CNN Tower as well. Families can expect a quick live presentation of the history of Coca-Cola when entering the museum, followed by a short animated movie in the Happiness Factory Theatre, and then a self-guided tour of the museum’s exhibits. Be prepared to entertain small children as the live presentation in particular requires standing in one place for several minutes. While some of the popular exhibits have remained unchanged, every visit brings new experiences too. Upon entering the exhibit, you must follow the timetable of the tour before exiting, so be sure to schedule that bathroom trip first. While the movie is a little corny in plot, it’s fast-paced search for the secret ingredient keeps visitors glued to their seats.
From the first small jolt of our seat to the last mist of water, our neighbors screamed liberally throughout the entire show. You may want to walk to the back of the exhibit to check them out before filling up on fruity beverages at the front. World of Coca-Cola is completely wheelchair and stroller accessible, though stroller usage may be restricted in some areas during peak times. I didn’t notice any private spots that would be convenient for breast-feeding, though there was plenty of seating throughout the museum.
Guests can also get a photo taken with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear or on the vintage Coca-Cola couch by a professional photographer.

I think that the World of Coca-Cola museum proves that Coca-Cola is more than just a beverage but a common experience associated with happiness and fun that we share with people across the globe. She enjoys exploring parks, discovering local events, and meeting the people who make Greenville an amazing place to live. This website also contains non-paid mentions of our sponsors, partners, and other local businesses when applicable to our readers. You can find a complete list of exhibits and shows on the World of Coca-Cola website, but I’ll list a couple of my favorites. For visitors wanting a less-active showing, non-moving seats are available and exits are clearly pointed out before the show. With over 100 different flavors from around the world and unlimited visits to the soda fountain, Taste It! While you can purchase a photo at the gift shop, the photographers also accommodated guests by taking photos with the visitors’ own cameras. While we work hard to provide accurate and comprehensive information, readers are encouraged to check original sources in addition to our site.
At the bottom of the staircase, there is secret cache under the stone landing, or hidden behind a panel in the wall. Atlanta has also just recently opened a tall Ferris Wheel with a 15 minute ride within walking distance of Pemberton Place. Economy was the third settlement started by the Harmonist Society, and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Properties. Whether you discover a new flavor or stumble on the infamous Beverly, you won’t leave thirsty. For more information about the Harmonist Society’s settlement at “Oekonomie,” visit the Old Economy Village website.

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