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This film is the clearest, most compelling explanation offered of the Fed, and why curbing it must be our first priority. Doc Zone has traveled the world, from Wall Street to Dubai to China, to investigate the secret history of the global financial collapse.
As soon as he walked into the studio, he found out the project he’d been hired to run was already on deadline. Apple decided to make a watch and only then set out to discover what it might be good for (besides, you know, displaying the time). The purpose of the wrist-mounted technology, what problems it might solve—that was something the Watch team would come up with slowly, during the process of inventing a bunch of new ways to interact with the device.
A graphic designer by training, Dye is much more Burberry than BlackBerry: With his hair swept deliberately to the left and a Japanese pen clipped to the inside of his gingham shirt just so, he’s clearly not leaving any details to chance. The Solar watch face is a beautiful digital sundial, a modern twist on ancient timekeeping methods. A time-lapse illustration of the Solar face, showing the sun’s relationship to where you are on Earth at any time of day. With lots of respect for the iconic 1933 Mickey Mouse watch from Ingersoll, Apple tried to improve upon it.

Dye was fascinated by the mechanical choreography of a chronograph and how to show that digitally. The new font’s job is to show a lot of text really small and a little bit of text very beautifully.
The Watch’s complications reference a watchmaking term for any function beyond hour and minute. When you first pair your Watch with your phone, you see a unique certificate of authenticity.
Siri works the same but looks different on the Watch, her trademark sound waves made more visible. The human interface team tried to come up with as many different ways as possible of displaying your activity. The goal was to elicit a visceral reaction when you finally hit your activity goals and complete the circle.
It has become normal for Apple employees to randomly stand during meetings because their Watch told them to. You can earn virtual medals by achieving fitness goals for days, weeks, or months in a row. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. When he showed up at 1 Infinite Loop on his first day, he was instructed to skip the usual new-employee orientation. There were just experiments—the iPod crew had made something with a click wheel—and lots of ideas.
But one thing was clear from the start: The Watch would succeed or fail on the strength of what’s prosaically called the user interface. As chief of Apple’s human interface group, he’s in charge of creating the ways you tell your device what to do and how that device responds. He came to Apple in 2006 with a resume that included stints as design director at fashion house Kate Spade and as a heavy hitter at Ogilvy & Mather doing branding work for the likes of Miller and Levi’s.

So intense is Apple’s secrecy that all Lynch knew was his vague title, vice president of technology, and that he’d be working on something completely new. His boss at the time, hardware czar Bob Mansfield, said to head straight to the design studio and get to work. The expectations, however, were clear: Apple’s senior vice president of design, Jony Ive, had tasked them with creating a revolutionary device that could be worn on the wrist. After all, over the past 15 years, Apple has upended three major categories of consumer electronics and, in the process, become the most valuable company on Earth. The interface would determine whether the Watch ended up displayed in a dozen museums or remembered as Apple’s biggest flop since the Newton.
Those cool little experiences you have with your laptop and phone and tablet, like when the app icons quiver because they’re ready to move around your screen? After working in Apple’s marketing division, helping design the company’s now-iconic product boxes, Dye was handed the reins to the human interface group. At the time, they were in the midst of a marathon push to overhaul Apple’s mobile operating system. Junior Edwards prides himself on finding the hidden spots that no one else would think to visit. During his eight years at Adobe, most recently as chief technology officer, he was best known as the only person dumb enough to publicly fight Steve Jobs over the iPhone’s lack of support for Flash videos. Dye and the human interface crew had to rethink every interaction, every animation, every function. The iPad brought tablets in from the fringes, blowing past years of work by the likes of Nokia and Microsoft.
Expectations and scrutiny would be impossibly high; the watch had to be, in the company’s parlance, insanely great.

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