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Ever imagined yourself as a character in a James Bond movie where the bad guys are lurking around corners waiting for the right opportunity to grab you and take you to their secret hideout? The mission here, if you choose to accept it, is to hunt for your very own iPhone spy app from this list.
However, you can enter the first and last name of anyone you don’t know, and the app will try to find out who that person is.
Because of this, there will be no chat history but it is a secure way to ensure no one else reads your messages.
Whenever this fake password is entered, functions to the app will be very limited, and whatever pictures taken with the app won’t be saved. This is a location tracker app for your iPhone which doesn’t have to be running to track your phone. It also uses cellular data or Wi-Fi to upload the location information to a secure server on their website.
Spy Recorder is an audio-recording app which also helps you schedule reminders for recordings.
This is another voice-recording app but this app has a built-in web browser which you can use while it is recording. Top Secret Audio (TSA) Recorder works like a picture-viewing app where you swipe left and right to view different pictures. This camera app has a few functions so people won’t know that you are actually recording a video.

This app makes you feel like a spy on a mission as you can choose different scopes to look through the camera of your iPhone.
ReconBot is a stealth video recording app that shows a black screen while it records a video.
This is another security recording app to make people unaware that your iPhone is capturing a video. Live Cams Pro is yet another app where you can view public cameras from all around the world. Save that number into your contact list and run it through this search engine app, where It will then try to find out who called you.
You’ll have to use the app to call the person and it will only start recording once the person on the line answers the phone. You can also write in Morse code where the app can then transmit the sound or flash your screen white and black so that people around you can hear or see the message.
You have to register for an account on their website and have Location enabled on the iPhone in order for it to track your phone. If there is no cellular data or Wi-Fi available, the information will be stored on the phone until there is a connection available.
There is also the option of recovery mode which allows you to recover accidentally deleted recordings.
All your recordings can then be stored securely within the app which has a dot lock system.

It is not known how they have access to these cameras as nothing is stated on their app page. Not only that, you can control some of the cameras viewing angle (limited viewing angle) with on screen controls. Then, there are some apps only available in the US as they only work with US mobile numbers.
Your friends who received the coded message can then use this app to find out what was really written. The options they give you include taking a photo with the front camera when someone attempts to unlock the app. Although there is the option to monitor your own network camera, it only works with the paid version of the app. It supports a whole list of IP camera models which you can use to monitor your home in case you are going away on vacation for awhile or if you want to keep an eye on things at home, from the workplace.
There is a free program compatible with both Windows and Mac that you can use to broadcast your webcam. Because of this broadcasting program it can support any type of USB webcam or the webcam on your laptop.

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