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Posted at 12:19 pm June 23, 2013By John Huotari 4 Comments The Rick Springfield concert at the Secret City Festival on Saturday was the largest ever for the annual festival, an organizer said.
The Rick Springfield concert at the Secret City Festival on Saturday night was the largest ever for the annual two-day festival, an organizer said. Final numbers weren’t available Saturday night, but total ticket sales could be somewhere around 3,000, said Joye Montgomery, head of entertainment and tickets and the Secret City Festival representative for the Arts Council of Oak Ridge.
Knoxville Opera’s Salesky brings program to Oak Ridge on TuesdayMaestro Brian Salesky, executive director and conductor of Knoxville Opera, will present a dynamic program illustrating the history of opera and musical theater at Lunch with the League on Tuesday, May 17. Calvary Baptist Church will host its second annual Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show on Saturday, May 14. The Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce is offering a free workshop for anyone interested in running for local office on Thursday, May 19.
The portable message boards have a simple message of “Buckle Up Tonight” that flashes twice as each car passes. Earth's Space Fleet, code-named Solar Warden and operated by Naval Network and Space Operations Command with multi-nations Space Cadre crews. Select History of Human Shoot-downs of Starcraft (UFOs), and Historic Close Encounters With Their Crews. January 4, 2006: Star Nations Declare: It's Time To Proceed to a Transformed Fifth World Human-Cosmic Society!
NM is the test version of the Star Wars Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)Weapon, using energy in the terawatt regime for shooting down UFOs. Hopi Traditional Elders including Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma have quietly preserved ancient oral tradition about contact from the stars.
A Report on the 1996 Star Knowledge Conference held next to the Ihanktowan Dakota Sioux Reservation, South Dakota, where Native American Elders revealed centuries of previously closely-held Star Visitor Contact Lore.

Native American tradition attaches great significance to the birth of a White (not albino) buffalo calf.
Castles N’ Coasters is a whole amusement park of family-friendly fun, and the best thing about it is the choice in how your family spends the day there. Some visitors go just to use the arcade because it’s got a lot of games and a great variety of them.
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Cabal Blackwater mercenaries approach 'Eve' who is trying to evade capture in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains jungle of northern Mexico. The Space Fleet is secretly authorized by the UN Security Council to provide near-space security operations. Richard Boylan was interviewed on Coast To Coast AM radio about the 12 Altimarian scientists who have now arrived on Earth, and other Star Visitors news. Richard Boylan addresses the 9th World Symposium on UFOs and Related Phenomena held by the Republic of San Marino, March 16-18, 2001.
Intelligent signals from space have been received at Arecibo and NROA-Datil, but this facthas been kept covered up by NASA, despite Dr.
28, 2011: A report on the Joint Psychic Exercise to permanently deactivate the Cabal's 21-ton orbiting L-49 "Death Star" .
The attractions at Castles N’Coasters include miniature golf, bumper cars, go karts, a ropes course, and a ride park, and admission to the park comes in a variety of ticket packages. You’ll have to plan on eating the snack bar food that they offer, or visit a restaurant in the area after.

We urge you to do your best to follow the guidelines if you would like to see your comment posted. It contains reports, articles, and other information on the Star Visitors, on their starcraft (UFOs), and on the advanced-human Star Kids and Star Seed Adults, now the numerical majority of Earth's population. The Space Fleet's policing of near-space is approved by Star Nations Council (the Star Peoples' galactic government).
Richard Boylan radio interview on Charlotte View Internet Radio about Star Kids and Star Seed adults. Jill Tarter's public promise that such signals would be immediately reported to the International Astronomical Telegrams agency. Inform yourself on the ancient information given to the Hopi (and Zuni) tribes by the thin-framed, articulated-limbs Gansplicoid star race, whom the Hopi Indians call "the Ant People". If we are unable to confirm your identity or your comments don't appear to be posted using a real, full name, your comments may not post or may be removed. Brendan’s Orthodox Celtic Festival is Saturday in Oak RidgeYou can celebrate Celtic orthodoxy, Celtic heritage, and the Celtic roots of East Tennessee on Saturday, May 14, in Oak Ridge. Their hours and open attractions vary by day of the week, but Castles N’ Coasters is generally open every day, all day. In 1955, he and his friends Derek Soall and Cyril Smith formed FILMART STUDIOS and began making live action and animated cartoon films. As well as being an animator for the cartoons, Pete was also acting and performing as stunt man in their live action movies.In the Sixties, he played the Genii of The Lamp in Broadhall Players production of Aladdin, as well as performing in the Music Hall productions.

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