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Funcom has created real websites for you to interact with while trying to figure out clues for quests.
The main story takes you there but the mobs in the zone take forever to kill unless you happen to have the right weapon combo (from what I read).
I’m going to try to finish out my build and get some higher level gear before heading back to BM.
While I played for a good while on Friday night I didn’t get to play any on Saturday and just for about 20 minutes on Sunday before storms kicked me offline.
I enjoy Fusang, the persistent pvp area, but Stonehenge is decent at best and I don’t enjoy El Dorado. I suppose the downside would be that unlike in 2 faction games, it would be incredibly unlikely that one team could hold every base at once, but personally I would be alright with that. I haven’t gotten to play as much since Friday as I would have liked but so far I am enjoying the game more and more every time I play.
They held a giant ARG for multiple years during production, those who were dedicated on the forums and banded together to solve it did in the end get rewarded for their efforts, though the specifics to it aren’t know to the public.
At one point they did say there would be giant investigations in the game where the societies as a whole would compete to finish it first, but this was also back when the forums had society only sections that weren’t even readable to outsiders.
If I told you that I gained 22 levels in 3 minutes in World of Warcraft what would you say? All of those things are pretty strong incentives to encourage players to try and recruit their buddies and then, cunningly enough, get them to adventure together and solidify the bond.
It would also mean less time played (less of a drain on the servers) and a resurgence in interest from burned out players tired of alt grinds… but who want to play alts at high levels. Tbh they should just put a Pay $1000 to win WoW button in the cash shop attached to a You Win!
Personally speaking I’d be open to other services such as buying a pre-made level 60 character.
I like alts too and always believed that the *entire* game and leveling process should be fun in any MMORPG. It wasn’t long ago that Blizzard increased the amount of exp returned from quests and decreased the time it took to level 60.

A blog about MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft, Everquest and EVE Online, and the occasional other random bits of geekery.
Everquest 2 Extended - A Deceptive Rip-Off - 219 commentsZombie MMORPG - 183 commentsIs It OK To Play A Character Of The Opposite Sex? Funcom expects you to use the internet and act as you would in real life to figure things out. Mix that with a really mediocre to bad combat system and I think my time in TSW may be coming to a close. AO and AoC sucked at the start, they made both those games imo really good games over the years. It was seriously sucking my soul having to spam attacks for up to a minute to kill a regular mob.
There are harder mobs that have the same TTK as an average mob in BM and there are regular mobs who I can kill in a builder cycle.
There are better elite skill out there + you can get more ompf with other skills No Mercy for better aoe dmg …. I used all my coins buying ql 5 gear in savage coast so it’ll be awhile before I can afford anything new. I want to be able to choose to outsmart enemies rather than club them to death just like everyone else. To me, the started zone was the subway flashback tutorial, and the dojo where you got to experiment with the weapons.
Yep, Blizzard’s sanctioned referral programme or, as my non-referred friends call it, the cheating programme. Perhaps the most powerful (and with no doubt the strangest) thing though is the ability for the referred player to grant levels to lower level characters belonging to their comrade. Or was it more fun when you were thundering through levels, getting new spells at every turn, and turning slowly into WoW best ever tank?
I plan on sticking it out in Egypt until I finish Puritan and, if necessary, until I get the skills for the builds you posted.
I don’t want to be forced to kill 10 zombies + 10 more zombies + an elite zombie and his zombie retinue just to get to the next investigation mission.

So I would move from Arcadia to Cerberus until our group disbanded, at which point the next time I zoned I would be back on Arcadia. Arcadia is the RP dimension, so by default I am by other RPers without limiting myself from playing with others. Start killing all the quest mobs you need, they're all over this area just follow my pathing and you'll be done in no time.
I’ll just open up a new online email account, download WoW onto my netbook, refer myself, and dual box two characters from 1 to 60 faster than you can say cheating scumbag. I suppose though, Blizzard may as well let me buy a pre-made character, it would make them more money. I mean, what would be the difference between buying a character and using the recruit-a-friend scheme to power level one anyway? I can kill things and get missions done but the time to kill (TTK) for every single mob in the zone is ridiculously high. Likewise, those who play on dimensions listed under a different language, will all be around each other, without limiting their ability to play with us.
Also if you happen to get done a certain quest before the other look for the abundance of mobs that i have listed. It’s fun for me because I can boost up some latent alts to mess around with but the whole thing is leaving me feeling a little baffled. Back before they kicked you out if you dinged and went over the lvl cap, I had a friend who went into WSG as a 29 or sumthing like that and then ding almost 20 lvls, put on green gear that he had bought for that lvl and then just went around one shotting people. Until level 60 both players can summon each other to their present locations and, whilst grouped and within a 4 level gap, gain triple experience from creature kills and quests. The xp is so good that it is simply a matter of pair your new toon with your RAF friend and get a level 80 to run you through dungeons.
Plus the referrer gains a free month of play along with a zebra-esque mount if their buddy subscribes for two months.

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