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Chaos barges its way into our day when it sends us an unexpected situation that redefines the next few minutes, the next few hours or days, and on occasion even a lifetime.
You work for a marketing firm and a major potential client wants to see a new campaign within 48 hours, so it’s all hands on deck to get the creative wheels rolling to deliver a polished presentation. Your wedding has 300 guests and even the best laid plans will never be picture-perfect, so something you didn’t plan for will create a memorable moment of chaos.
While technically controllable chaos isn’t really controllable, it’s in situations where you’re expecting the unexpected.
Unless we always walk around being pessimistic, which most of you don’t, these situations happen unexpectedly and require us to adjust our lives within minutes. It’s true, and perhaps even unfair, that some people are more genetically inclined to find the silver linings in dark clouds. Therefore, it’s possible to coexist with both controllable and uncontrollable chaos without losing all of your happiness.

If you register but can’t attend you’ll get a link to a recording that will be available for a limited time. She’s the author of the Secret Society of Happy Peoples Thirty-One Types of Happiness Guide, writes the Ask Pamela Gail: Where Happiness Meets Reality blog and speaks to groups of all sizes. See the punchlines to the jokes the universe tells itself in fractal patterns and jagged chance. If you’re part of the crowd containment for ten four- year-olds, there’s always an expected element of the unexpected. Numerous studies have confirmed that a happy and unhappy person each experiences about the same amount of unhappy situations. Maybe not in the initial moments when a situation rears its chaotic head – you may need to get mad, cry or be sad. Join us on Saturday, May 4 for a FREE webinar: 5 Ways to Keep Your Happy in a Chaotic World.

Some of the things that make her happy are tasting new wines with friends, doing social media, cooking for her dog Tater, practicing yoga to discover new muscles, and reading paper books while acclimating to Kindle ~ plus sharing her own happiness and helping others make the most of theirs. It’s their attitude about the situations that defines their happiness, not the situation itself. However, our perspective is something that each of us can decide to change, and at any moment. But within a short amount of time you have the power to decide if you’re going to seek the silver lining or let the negative elements of the chaos define your attitude. If you don’t like how you perceive something, you can change it because it’s all about how you think.

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