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Want to show off your love for Secret World Chronicle in your chats, on messageboards, or via Twitter?
Larry Dixon designed the cover for Secret World Chronicle: Invasion and has been gracious enough to allow us to share that work with YOU, prior to the March 2011 release of the first book.
From New York Times best-seller and science fiction and fantasy mistress of adventure Mercedes Lackey, Book #4 in the pulse-pounding SECRET WORLD saga of modern-day humans with superpowers. Destroying the Thulian North American Headquarters has not made life easier for ECHO, or the world. Dominic Verdigris has not given up on his effort to obtain The Seraphym for himself, in order to use her to avert his own fate at the hands of the Thulians. Belladonna’s duties have increased a thousand-fold, and now she has responsibility for the lives of every metahuman in ECHO on her conscience. The heroes of Echo and the villains of the Thule Society continue the battle in the fifth book of The Secret World Chronicle, Waiting On. Handsome Devil must play the hand he is dealt, and his teammates must endure the consequences.

When it is permitted, the Seraphym is not only a creature of mercy, but one of terrible justice. Vickie tells the Djinni a little more about mages and Elementals via Overwatch on special assignment. With Overwatch in his ear, John Murdock reflects upon the events and circumstances that made him a wanted man. We’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful artists contribute to our gallery, and we want to share that artwork with you! We have 150×150 jpegs for you to use and spread the love about Echo, CCCP, and even those baddies that make us cringe. By logging in here players can view a complete record of their journey through the game, as well as character profiles and leader boards covering both PvE and PVP. The top three leader boards (zombies killed, total xp earned, and golems killed) make my scores look crappy.
The metaheroes deal with the consequences of their superpowers, but the evil Thulian threat lies in wait.

The Thulians continue their attacks, first in unpredictable incursions, then with another all-out assault on ECHO, orchestrated against ECHO headquarters across the world.
Obviously using the intelligence gathered from the raid on the North American Thulian base to find the main Headquarters is of paramount importance–but once it is found, can she manage to convince the armies of the world to follow ECHO into an all-out attack?
In this shorter podcast-only season, the heroes of Echo struggle with their own pasts and demons as they wait for the organization to regain strength following a devastating loss.
It's neat as it lets you size your character up against others by 'following them (profiles updated every 24 hours). Some heroes fall while others emerge from the ashes, and an opportunist arrives to take advantage of grief and mayhem in the wake of a devastating loss. I really enjoyed being able to see where I stand with my abilities and skills at a glance, in a web browser.

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