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Whether you like it or not, the advertising of most MMOs has to begin by emphasizing how it is different from WoW, and it’s already clear that TSW is taking a very different approach. I was (apparently) one of the few people who checked out Age of Conan and dug alot of the elements unique to it.
August 24, 2012 by Russell Jones Leave a Comment Funcom announced today that they are moving back the release date for their next The Secret World monthly content update by two weeks due to recent layoffs inside the company. Issue 2, Digging Deeper, includes the game’s first auxiliary weapon, the rocket launcher, as well as an accompanying skill set and missions revolving around it. The update was originally scheduled for August 28th, but is now planned for a September 11th release.
If you are looking for a new game that has all the right elements as far as gameplay and story is concerned, then here is another exciting game that you should look forward to. Apparently, this upcoming game will be out with a great combination of the elements of MMO gameplay, alternate reality gaming and social networking as well. The story of the game will be focused on an original setting that was created by its developers Funcom. There is no information as to what platforms will this game be available upon its release, but apparently an Xbox 360 version has been already confirmed. Add Widget Below About The Illumination We can profit more individually if we work towards a greater profit together. We are an adult guild that have been actively playing together for the last couple of years, we are all accomplished gamers and enjoy progression type play with like-minded individuals. That said, we are passionate about our gaming and many of our gamers have 15+ years of experience within the MMO genre dating back to early EQ, we have, within our ranks, experience of pretty much every major title over the period 1999 – 2014 and like to use our experience to guide those players new to the genre. We are active every night of the week over a variety of timezones and although the majority of our guild are European we have several players from the US.

We are looking for mature adult gamers; we are all 21+, hold full time jobs and many of us have families.
The story of The Secret World is undoubtedly the most intriguing thing at this point in their marketing, and I have to say it was probably a good decision to feature it so strongly.
Taking place in the modern world is always an idea I’ve been looking forward to from an MMO, and delving into mythology of secret wars between cloaked societies is always cool.
The ability to use directed attacks instead of simple mouse-clicks was a feature I wish more games would adopt, so I’m hoping for more innovations with the release of The Secret World. Have you had enough fantasy in the past year, or have the memories of Age of Conan‘s glitchy gameplay soured you from giving Funcom another shot? Even so, the studio promises to continue to deliver monthly updates to the horror-conspiracy MMO going forward. We initiated a process of reducing costs after the launch of The Secret World and this has naturally affected the production schedule as we work on readjusting the team and our internal development processes,” Funcom said in the posting.
It’ll also include a number of new missions, Nightmare Modes for the Facility and Hell Eternal dungeons, as well as character customization options through an in-game barbershop and plastic parasurgeon. By night, he plays and writes about video games for VGW and his personal blog, The Gentleman Gamer. Formerly known under the working titles Cabal and the World Online, this game is now known as the Secret World. Players will be given the chance to customize the clothing, weapons as well as the supernatural powers that they have acquired. It will present contemporary elements as well such as magic, myths, conspiracies and dark horrors that will definitely make the story more exciting. Our history as a guild started in The Secret World where we have formed one of the more successful cabals in the Illuminati faction.

We’ll most likely be getting a closer look at the game by the time it is released on Xbox 360 and PC in late 2012. An avid RPG fan, Russell can also be found plotting the demise of adventurers from behind a Dungeon Master's screen.
This game was developed back in 2007 by Funcom, the company behind the Anarchy Online and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and Ragnar Tornquist will be the creative director of this game. In this game, players will also be able to form teams to fight together, but it will still retain its single-player mode of gameplay as well.
Content that will display here are things like the forum list, posts, raid details and any other default content for a section of the site or piece of functionality. We have mastered all the PVE content, the raid on cooldown and group together all the time and are now actively seeking new challenges. We are looking for active, quality players that enjoy gaming within an all adult, relaxed environment that is built around mutual respect. We are not hard-core and don’t seek to recruit those players that are and are all of an age where we understand that family and fun is more important than epeen stroking.
A small group of our members is also very active on our private (and heavily modded) Minecraft server.

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