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Gee, maybe some males earn more because they perform jobs resulting in injury and death far more often than the typical tasks females do. Compare the injury and death rates of male workers and females and let the data speak for itself.
No longer are you describing the public option as a bureaucratic nightmare, but merely mildly inferior in a way that millions upon millions of Americans are willing to accept.
Wouldn’t The President Of The United States Of America or a CIA-FBI agent be the most dangerous job? You really need to update this and to the guy above me, nobody deserves to die (well perhaps you deserve to).
Whether it’s in finance, health, or politics, people always seem to be searching for a silver bullet. Testimonials of Encounters: Tonight, we explored testimonials from people across the country who have experienced Ghostly visitations and interactions.
Is the world experiencing a shamanic reawakening, an “archaic revival” of sorts? Brother Kip joins Cathy and I this evening, to discuss his awakening to the Biblical truth of among other things that the earth is a flat circular plane encapsulated by a vaulted dome. This week actress and model Vanity Styles joined me to talk about Chemtrails, Mind Control, and her battle with Morgellons. On today’s Show we are joined by Paul our financial insider and geo political expert talking about the recent cyber attacks on banks on and government targets, are they being done by Russia? Are our personal “versions” of this reality as fluid and interchangeable as software upgrades on a computer? Join us on FREAKY FRIDAY as we go on a journey through time and space with a man that has done both, Presidential Candidate Andy D. Instructions in the documents appear to contradict Facebook’s earlier denials of a Gizmodo article that said Facebook editors directly inserted headlines into the trending news widget.
In turn, Facebook provided the Guardian with a much longer list of approved publications that includes conservative websites like the Daily Caller and the Drudge Report. Now would be a good time for the company to simply admit to its shady practices, and implement a correction before things continue to deteriorate for darling of social media.
Headlines, Libertarian Party, Will Coley, Common Core, Sustainable Development, foreign policy, Should we build a wall? Join us as we hear about Scottish Wildmen, or Sasquatch as they are otherwise known, from someone that claims to have seen one! Much going on in the world both physically with the bad tornadoes in the US and geopolitical with threats of warfare and economic destabilization.
We also cover China banning the provactive eating of banana’s and the ISIS Testicle Bomb’s! According to a federal lawsuit filed by Musarra, a Philadelphia attorney, and dashcam footage recently obtained by NJ Advance Media, Trooper Matthew Stazzone pulled her over for speeding on October 16 and asked for her license, registration, and proof of insurance. Musarra says she was patted down twice, taken to the state police barracks in Washington, and placed in a holding cell, where she was handcuffed to a bench. If you have been reading the headlines as of late , you might’ve noticed the hacktavist group is once again causing it’s usual chaos .

We are all about destroying the elite and waking up humanity thru online hacktivism at its finest. The main focus of this operation is to hopefully start an online revolution and revive the Anonymous Idea once again. More importantly for them “vaccinating” aka poisoning our children , feeding us GMO’s blindly and telling us that it’s healthy, profiting off our sacrifice , suffering and bloodshed.
GhostSquad is a group of skilled hackers looking to bring back the authenticity of the Anonymous idea, and to target the root-of-the-problem . Supprisingly the creator of this Operation Ghost-D3m0n was basically persecuted when bringing about the idea of this Operation through the Anonymous Collective, but Anonymous is very loose and anyone can speak for it.
For those of our readers that would like to help and join #OpIcarus , but don’t know how , where can they go ? Jeran, Missa, Chris and Sharee talk about the hot topics of the moment which consists mostly of flat earth talk and a discussion on the bible and religion in general. In 2009 Garrison began drawing editorial cartoons that skewered the Federal Reserve and the growing police state in America. Opened the week taking about some of the frustrations in living in Argentina, today’s revolving around the switch-over from the previous govt to the new one and the inconveniences.
Since Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, allow us to have some fun picking him apart – while we still can.
Plus the threat of the Internet Of Things and what happens when you decide to taste dog food. Fascinating show as we explored the widespread experiences of people dealing with gang stalking, electronic infiltration, mental and psychic manipulation and emotional turmoil from unknown sources. Are we seeing the paradigm shift occur right in front of our eyes, with entheogenic plants and substances being eyed as potential cures (or at least treatments) for hard-to-treat mental and physical conditions and diseases? The War on Terra by the ruling class parasites includes biochemical testing and genocidal programs that are harming all of humanity. We also talk about the western media reports about Russia and China and how they compare with reality as well as a host of subjects in another info packed show.. As we reported earlier, it was learned that Facebook’s news feed routinely suppressed conservative news. Incredible that he can be in Alaska, myself in Western Argentina and us doing a radio show that covers the world!
Plus many streams of consciousness: how people think and get caught in fundamentalisms in their mind. He took calls from listeners, read emails, and visited with a part time member of Humanastory, Steven Richards. After a supervisor, Trooper James Butler, watched the dashcam video, he realized there was no legal basis for the arrest. We may have strong feelings but we wouldn’t share them unless we thought they had the potential to change the world. In a sea of homogeneity Garrison’s work offers a truly unique perspective on political and economic concerns. What a great spirit filled interview with author, speaker and radio show host Laura Maxwell!

MAPS editor and author of Mavericks of the Mind, David Jay Brown, has not just his own experiences to draw upon, but those of hundreds of psychonauts he’s interviewed over the years. So many are unaware as to what is going on in our skies and it’s link to widespread outbreaks of what is being labeled as Morgellons.
Cambridge professor and Greek historian Tim Whitmarsh explores these questions with us as we discuss his fascinating work, Battling The Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World.
Now, Recode is reporting that Facebook training documents given to its editors have leaked, and they reveal that editors select trending news topics from just ten editors, only one of which could be considered right-wing. He repeated the question several times, becoming increasingly agitated and warning her that she would be arrested if she did not answer.
Banks such as The Central Bank Of Greece , The Central Bank Of Cyprus , The Central Bank Of The Dominican Republic , The Guernsey Financial Services Commision , The Dutch Central Bank , The Central Bank Of Maldives , The Central Bank Of Kenya , The National Bank Of Panama , The Central Bank Of Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Central Bank Of Mexico . Cripplingthe financial structure of the Elite is our main target and whatever it takes to achieve it. Presently a freelance graphic artist, his first cartoons appeared in The San Angelo Standard Times in the early 1980s. Using his graphic art skills he wanted to ring alarm bells and so he became a citizen muckraker. The Internet also made it possible for anonymous entities to deface his work, libel his name and make him into the most trolled cartoonist in the world. Their dog is doing the job as watchdog that the mainstream media now seems reluctant to do. Embedded at an early age into New Age ideology, Spiritualism, and the Occult her story is one of hope and salvation. Fellow TFR host Kenneth Webb joins us for the first hour of the broadcast to talk about the experiences he’s had, as well. Unimpressed, he proceeded to handcuff and arrest her with the assistance of another trooper, Demetric Gosa. Garrison has since been a graphic artist at the The San Antonio Express News and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. GWEN Towers, Chemtrails, Heterodyne Technology, HAARP and Quantum Physics were all topics of discussion. The Synagogue of Satan and these Wacko Banking Cabals is the next step in eradicating these psychopathic Terror!
We also touched upon the Luciferian, New Age, Occult mindset and how that ideology is in play for the overall End Game.
An agenda to install a One World Babylon Mystery Religion Government of absolute tyranny, oppression and bloodshed.

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