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In fairy tales, when three brothers or sisters set out on a quest, usually only the youngest one is brave and clever enough to finish it." This is one of the insights in this charming picture book that introduces young readers to magic and enchantment. I realise, with a sudden sense of loss, that I no longer have my shotgun, nor any of the incredible powers that I so recently possessed.
As I stroll up Redcrosse Circus to the Temple, now might be a good a time to take a peek at the map. The Temple is huge, and ever so slightly ominous, with uniformed Templar standing watch outside. He feels I need to learn how to use my powers with restraint, and as luck would have it, they have a training area set up for exactly that.
I’m feeling a little railroaded here, and slightly suspicious as to how these people turned up so quickly after I involuntarily acquired my mysterious powers. Whichever one you finally pick, you get a few points in its skill tree, so the decision is mildly important.
Written by renowned folklorist Rosalind Kerven, the book draws on traditional folk tales from Ireland, Africa, China, the Middle East, Native America, and other regions.

My heart sinks as I anticipate being at the receiving end of another monologue, but perks back up again when I remember I’m back in London and that chippy is still open. They seem happy to let me waltz on in though, so I climb the steps, make a right, and find myself in Mr Sonnac’s office. Pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, blades, hammers, and knucklespikes are clear enough, but there are also 3 sorts of magical focus. Here’s a picture of me trying out a spot of Elemental magic on a defenceless prisoner. It was just a foolish dream, perhaps brought on by stress, or the quarter-pound of mature cheddar that I consumed last night, and I’m sure it will have no bearing on anything going forward. He speaks of history, he speaks of the darkness that is coming, but most notably he speaks of me being a soldier for the Templar. In Funcom’s previous game, Anarchy Online, that was an option, but that does not seem to be the case here. Actually, I think *everyone* in Ealdwic is a Templar, or at least related to them in some way or another.

It turns out he is the first NPC I can actually talk to about things, and the red speech bubble reveals a list of topics I can speak to him about.
I have been told that there are a great many smaller cabals, and perhaps within them is one that is more concentrated on knowledge and protecting the innocent than world domination.
You can select the same topic multiple times for different responses, and when you have heard them all, it becomes marked with a tick.
I may seek them out at a later date, but at the moment I seem to have little choice than to go along with whatever these Templar want. That sense of doom is upon me again, as I realise that this is probably going to involve both exercise and being shouted at. To make matters worse, I have to test a variety of weapons, and for target dummies, they’re using chained up beings!

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