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While countries like Iran raise eyebrows for honestly declaring interest in developing nuclear energy by enriching uranium, which could also be used for developing weapons, Israel's covert and suspicious activities go largely ignored.
A special report in The Guardian newspaper on Wednesday highlighted the issue of nuclear weapons in the Middle-East. However, unlike the usual rhetoric and accusations against Iran over alleged plans to enrich uranium which could potentially be used develop nuclear weapons in the future and threaten to wipe out human existence as we know it, this particular report focused on the very real threat posed by the actual presence of ready-to-launch nuclear missiles in the hands of a hostile state that has gone to war with and occupied the territory of its neighbors ever since its establishment in 1948 – Israel.
Claiming that Israel is currently in possession of around 80 nuclear warheads, the report even states that Israel conducted nuclear missile tests 50 years ago. Just like the rest of the world, Israel has been up until this day very tight-lipped regarding its nuclear arms program. The policy of neither confirming nor negating the existence of nuclear weapons in Israel is still to a certain extent in place today. Speculation about Israel’s nuclear program began in the 1950s when France sent over a team of engineers to help Israel build a nuclear reactor in Dimona as part of a diplomatic deal with mutual benefits. Further suspicion was raised when Israel refused to accept International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors. It was also recently revealed that Israel bought 100 tons of uranium oxide from Argentina in 1963 or 1964 in an unmonitored manner. By then, CIA director Richard Helms had suggested that Israel was in possession of nuclear weapons and had arranged to start testing them. Even more worryingly, Israel continued to increase its stock of uranium oxide in the 70s, purchasing 600 tons from South Africa’s apartheid regime in return for helping them develop their own nuclear arsenal. Nuclear proliferation expert, Leonard Weiss, who was working on the case at the time, said "I was told it would create a very serious foreign policy issue for the US, if I said it was a test. It was later learned that the explosion in the Indian Ocean was part of a nuclear missile test agreement between Israel and the South African apartheid regime. Although the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) claimed that Israel had halted its nuclear program in the 1980s and 1990s, it claimed that there was still evidence that Israel was breaching international laws regarding their nuclear program. Nonetheless, Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons today is more or less clear, despite the silence of the international community. This could also be the reason why the US successfully pushed for the cancellation of the last planned meeting in 2012, so that Israel would not be pressured to reveal its nuclear program. Legal Notice: Copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights in this website can not be reproduced without the prior permission. Khojaly: massacre which scarred a nationToday marks the 23rd anniversary of the killing of Azeri civilians in disputed circumstances during the bitter war for the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
Pipeline politics: new gas route revives Russian rivalry with WestThe planned new pipeline route traces the contours of Russia's surviving friendships in Europe. US media bias shown in coverage of Chapel Hill murders‘Selective perception’ shown In mainstream media’s failure to adequately cover murders of 3 American Muslim students. Japan global PR message could misfire with focus on wartime pastExperts said government efforts to seek changes in historical accounts would be counter-productive, since it would keep the issue of Japan's wartime past in public focus.

Hardline Indian Hindus become Modi's enemies from withinHardline Hindu politicians impatient with Modi's refusal to champion their cause are beginning to advance their own agendas. A woeful cloud of melancholy hangs over Studio Ghibli's adaptation of Mary Norton's classic children's book The Borrowers, yet thanks to the combined mastery of director Hiromasa Yonebayashi and co-screenwriter Hayao Miyazaki, something truly magical happens when the film's luminous messages of bravery and perseverance penetrate that foreboding thunderhead. Headstrong and full of energy, 14-year-old Arrietty (voice of Bridgit Mendler) is just like any other adolescent girl, except for the fact that she's only a few inches tall.
Opening as Shawn sits in the passenger seat of a car while the city fades into the rearview mirror, The Secret World of Arrietty echoes Spirited Away as a young child travels toward a new home and an indeterminate future. Perhaps with a few exceptions (Ponyo comes to mind), Miyazaki's films have never been known for their simplicity.
With The Secret World of Arrietty, Yonebayashi proves himself to be not just a worthy successor to Miyazaki, but an accomplished visionary in his own right -- effortlessly bringing the themes of the picture to the forefront through strong imagery and fluid storytelling.
Not only did the international community not codemn the tests, but they worked arduously to keep the tests under wraps for decades afterwards. The first indication that such a program existed came in 1986 when nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu spoke of it to British press. Last month, Israeli Knesset parliament speaker Avraham Burg called the policy "outdated and childish." A right-wing group later called on police to investigate him for treason.
They also built a secret reprocessing plant capable of separating plutonium from spent reactor fuel, which would enable the development of nuclear weapons. After France stopped supplying plutonium fuel for the Dimona nuclear reactor following the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, a Lakam operation resulted in 200 tons of uranium ore disappearing in the Mediterranean. As Israel had not signed up to the 1968 Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty, it could not be argued that they had violated any agreements. In 1979 even more confirmation that Israel possessed and was in fact testing nuclear weapons came when US satellite Vela 6911 recorded an explosion off the coast of South Africa that looked like a nuclear test. Someone had let something off that US didn't want anyone to know about," referring to both the Carter and Reagan administrations. It could be argued that this is the reason why Egypt threatened to boycott the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty unless the Middle-East could be made a nuclear-free zone. Filtered through that unique prism of talent, what appears onscreen is a thing of unique and treasured beauty -- the rare children's feature that doesn't shy away from themes of death or uncertainty, instead gently embracing them in a manner that makes them seem not quite as frightening as they may have when we first took our seats and the lights began to dim. Arrietty and her parents (voices of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler) are Borrowers -- a race of tiny people who live among regular-size humans undetected, and only emerge to scrounge miniscule amounts of essential living supplies from well-stocked cupboards and cabinets. As Shawn settles into his new room, just beneath the floorboards Arrietty also prepares to begin a new chapter in life -- in her case, one that involves learning the secrets of Borrowing from her experienced, always-prepared father.
Should he continue to grow as a filmmaker and choose to remain with Studio Ghibli, movie lovers may come to learn that traditional animation can still be as exciting in the 21st century as it was when Snow White first graced the silver screen back in 1937. Vanunu was later drugged in Italy and brought to Israel, where he was tried behind closed doors and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Lakam agents are believed to have transferred the uranium ore, hidden in plumbat drums, to another vessel at sea while it was being transported from Antwerp to Genoa.

Since no nuclear weapons were found in Iraq and Iran is still yet to develop an arsenal of their own, it’s difficult to see Egypt referring to any other state besides Israel. On the surface, The Secret World of Arrietty is a breathtakingly gorgeous portrait come to vivid life, but a closer look reveals that the mature themes addressed in the movie are painted with just as fine a brush, making it not only a wonderful addition to the Studio Ghibli canon, but also a picture that's certain to grow in parallel with its wide-eyed audience on repeated viewings. Contact with their human hosts is strictly forbidden, but when Arrietty attempts to help her father gather a few necessities, she makes the mistake of being seen by 12-year-old Shawn (voice of David Henrie). By allowing us to accompany the young girl on her first adventure into the outside world -- and showing us familiar settings from an exciting new perspective -- Miyazaki immediately instills us with a sense of wonder and endears us to the main character.
Under the pen of any other writer, a 12-year-old boy lamenting the "hand of fate" could easily come off as cloying or insincere. Inspectors noted that on every visit the building had newly plastered and painted walls in the building, suggesting that the Israelis were concealing their secret reprocessing plant. With the help of German officials, Israel got away with it by making it look like a transaction between Germany and Italy.
Shawn's heart is failing, and in preparation for his upcoming surgery he has come to live with his great-aunt in the country. Meanwhile, director Yonebayashi executes the impressive set piece with a stylistic flair that renders a typical suburban home a mountainous palace of untold wonders.
Instead, given the delicacy of the screenplay and the impressive vocal performance by Henrie, simplicity and depth become as natural friends as Shawn and Arrietty. He's heard stories about the Borrowers from his parents ever since he was a little boy; now that he knows those stories are true, he wants nothing more than to befriend them. For a feature directorial debut, The Secret World of Arrietty is a remarkably accomplished piece of work. Likewise, as we learn about Arrietty's family's past, and discover that they may in fact be the last Borrowers alive, we become just as emotionally invested in her struggle to survive as we do in Shawn's. Unfortunately for Arrietty and her family, who may be the last of their kind, his baleful housekeeper Hara (voice of Carol Burnett) is determined to prove the existence of the Borrowers by any means necessary -- even if it means destroying their tiny home. Yet considering that Yonebayashi previously served as an artist on such Studio Ghibli films as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Ponyo, it's no surprise that, at least visually, this movie stands tall among the works of master Miyazaki himself. As mature as some of the themes in The Secret World of Arrietty may be, however, they never become morose enough to detract from the sense of wonder we get from experiencing Arrietty's world from her perspective, or watching Shawn as he comes face-to-face with something he's only heard about in stories and sacrifices his own safety to preserve the legend. Perhaps by working together, Shawn and Arrietty can figure out a way to safeguard the secret of the Borrowers and protect them from the prying eyes of humans. The way that the rays of sunlight break through the clouds and sparkle off the flowers in the garden would make the film worth watching for the art alone, but the fact that these stunning visuals are backed by a thoughtful, thematically complex screenplay simply serves to ensure that our intellect is stimulated along with our eyes.

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