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Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Click below to go to our questions page to see all the questions already asked and ask your own. If I had to guess, its probably like the other faction safehouses and you probably need to be in good standing with the Followers of the Apocalypse to get the passcode and gain entry. Check out our new guide pages with detailed information about the new Mists of Pandaria scenarios! In Warlords of Draenor, Frostfire Ridge serves as the starting zone for Horde players once theya€™ve endured the initial rigors of Tanaan Jungle and survived their first encounter with the Iron Horde.
After a daring escape from the clutches of the Iron Horde in Tanaan Jungle, you, Thrall, and a handful of survivors run ashore on the southern banks of Frostfire Ridge.
Outnumbered and surrounded by enemies, Durotan and his Frostwolves will need all the help they can get to survive.
Oh, and of course, what Durotan doesna€™t know is that Thrall is his son, not yet born in this timeline. We also get a chance to meet the ogres when they were still organized and holding on to the last vestiges of their once-great empire.
In the west, the ogres of Bladespire Fortress have long sought to enslave and subjugate any orcs that dare defy them.
What are three of your favorite locations players should check out on their journey through the zone?
As far as other favorite locations, I have to say Bladespire Citadel is a place not to miss. This was a chance for us to really show some of the cultural differences between the ogres of the past and the lumbering oafs we know today. Ryan Shwayder: Let's be honest, my co-conspirator took at a minimum four favorite locations, which leaves me only capable of listing two locations to balance things out. I also really like Wor'gol because I've always wanted to get to know where the Frostwolves came from better. Zachariah Owens: In addition to providing a lot of resources for crafting or portals to capitals, the Garrison you establish at Frostwall serves as a hangout for the many followers and visitors you find in your journey. As you continue your journey through Draenor, more and more of your discoveries will find their way back to your Garrison. Next, our perilous journey through Draenor will take us to the treacherous jungles and unforgiving canyons of Gorgrond, where opposing primeval forces are locked in an eternal battle.
I did some research and apparently you have to do Arcade Gannon's quest For Auld Lang Syne.
Every faction has a safehouse like that somewhere in the wasteland, like the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse near Black Mountain or Caesar's Legion safehouse near the Nuclear Test Site.
These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Soon after the crash, you are met by Durotan, youngest son of Garrad and acting chieftain of the Frostwolf clan.
It falls to you to quickly establish a Garrison and raise an army using whatever means necessary to aid the Frostwolves and secure a foothold in Draenor.

Thrall meeting his parents, the interaction between Durotan and Draka, and brothers who have fallen out of touch. The snow-covered landscape is broken by violent volcanoes and lakes of icea€”not to mention the mountains made of spires of volcanic rock warped by years of wind and cold. Both were shaped by this hard land, and you can see that reflected in their tactics, clothing, lifestyles, and demeanor. Led by their young chieftain, Durotan, these orcs have chosen to defy the Iron Horde and keep to their ancestral homeland. Greatest of hunters and known for their mastery of beasts, this clan uses numbers and tactics to conquer animals of all types, from the flying rylaks to the defiant gronn.
Meanwhile, in the north, the ogres of Bloodmaul have begun to enter into negotiations with the Iron Horde, exchanging slaves and services to some dark end. These two cities are home to the Thunderlord clan and are formed in the bones of dead colossi. This citadel is a massive structure that dominates the landscape and is one of the last remnants of the sort of power the ogre empire once wielded. This great frozen lake is bordered by giants and beasts of every sort, often venturing their way onto the ice in search of food or worse. Demonic summoning circles, bones, and necromantic orcs really get the nostalgia going and highlight a cool multi-zone story arc in Warlords of Draenor.
It does a great job of showing their Spartan existence in a territory harsh even by Draenor standards. More than anything ever, I love the crap out of Ogre Hut 01 in Grimfrost Hill for its welcoming atmospherea€”not unlike that of a quaint bed-and-breakfasta€”save for the lack of beds, breakfasts, and any real comforts of survivable living.
There are many nooks and crannies to explore, some of which might have a treasure or two stashed away from some unscrupulous members of your Garrison.
Each choice has weight to it, as what you decide to build will augment your abilities within the Garrison and without, altering which quest lines might be available as well as what resources you have access to in certain zones. Rescue someone from a cage during your adventuring, and they may appear later in your Garrison expressing their gratitude in the form of unique vendor items.
Ita€™s important to remember that you are building an army, one capable of rivaling the Iron Horde. Its east of the tumble weed ranch, or just go to the mountains at the farthest northern part of the map. You need to do things for the respective faction to get fame with them to get the use of their safehouse. Which I do not know where to find, I'm assuming it's an Enclave outpost just by looking at the door. Unlike the other clans, the Frostwolves chose to defy the Iron Horde and refused to join their ranks. This is a chance to meet his parents and his clan when they were in their prime: Powerful heroes bound by honor and loyalty.
There's a certain humanitya€”orc-manity?a€”about the Frostwolves and others within Frostfire Ridge that really resonates throughout the story. Looking closely, one can see echoes of what would eventually become the Bladea€™s Edge Mountains in Outland. But you also get to see just how different two clans of orcs can be from each other despite having a shared background.

Threatened on all sides by enemies and the environment, they hold true to their bonds of clan and family. Their homes are the bones of the great colossi, ancient giants lost to the ravages of time. Part of an ancient breed, the magnaron practice dark, primal magics, and act according to an agenda they have never shared with anyone. We wanted to show the Thunderlord as legendary hunters, and these are the places we really got to go all out with depicting that fantasy. Here, gronn can be seen marching across the ice, hunting clefthoof or frost wolves, in turn being hunted by Thunderlord giant stalkers. I like wandering the area through the eyes of Thrall, seeing the home of his ancestors as he would. For Frostfire, you get a Barracks that will allow you to conduct patrol missions with your Followers.
As you continue to foil their plans or lead attacks against certain factions, expect retaliation. This has put them in a dangerous position, with the ogre slavers of Bladespire Fortress on one side and the beastmasters of the Thunderlord clan on the other.
For Horde players, this is a chance to ride alongside some of the greatest and most iconic heroes of the Horde. Some claim that if the magnaron win, all of Draenor will be cast into a frozen wasteland like Frostfire Ridge. Everything from their fighting style to their architecture is reminiscent of their dying culture. Great magnaron stride out into the open slaying anything in sight, their loyal goren scavengers not far behind them to eat up what remains. On top of that, you also get the zone ability Call to Arms, which allows you to call in reinforcements from your Garrison every so often to help you take down a particularly rough group of enemies or an elite monster.
We want the Garrison to feel alive, and ita€™s the staging point for many of your experiences throughout the expansion. Be prepared to defend your Garrison against invasions from foes of all sorts, calling upon your Followers or reinforcements that youa€™ve summoned in from Azeroth.
The Thunderlord are eager to prove themselves to the Iron Horde and will stop at nothing to eradicate the Frostwolf clan from existence. Early in the questing experience you will get to lay siege to this fortress with an army of elite Frostwolves at your back and Thrall at your side. Meanwhile, in many places cracks in the ice begin to form as things that were birthed in the dark deeps begin to scuttle to the surface on many, many legs.
Dona€™t be surprised if special quest-givers or vendors appear based on activities youa€™ve done in the world.
This is the place that is sure to remind you of the savagery of Draenor and the many types of giants that can be found there.

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