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The Secret Club That Runs the World is replete with stories from the run-up in commodity prices, and all of the games that went on. It is a book that gives a testimony that information is king, and those that understand future supply, demand, and transportation costs can make a great deal of money by buying cheap, transporting, and selling high.
That said, the math can get overly precise versus the real world… The Secret Club That Runs the World gives examples of hedging programs that were too clever by half, ending in disaster when prices moved too aggressively.
The Secret Club That Runs the World also considers non-market players like politicians and regulators, and how they are almost always a few steps behind those they regulate.

One you have read The Secret Club That Runs the World, you will have a good top-level view of how the commodities sector operates, and thus I recommend the book. Until 2007, I was a senior investment analyst at Hovde Capital, responsible for analysis and valuation of investment opportunities for the FIP funds, particularly of companies in the insurance industry. Merkel, CFA, FSA — 2010-present, I am working on setting up my own equity asset management shop, tentatively called Aleph Investments.
In 1998, I joined the Mount Washington Investment Group as the Mortgage Bond and Asset Liability manager after working with Provident Mutual, AIG and Pacific Standard Life.

How do you convey ideas about investing while showing a proper level of uncertainty on the likelihood of success?
How do the various markets fit together, telling us us a broader story than any single piece?

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