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Para aumentar la anticipacion por el comeback de SECRET el grupo ha revelado una foto teaser de Ju Eun! Ayer se revelo la foto teaser de Hyosung y podemos ver que la de Ji Eun sigue el mismo concepto con un vestido blanco y lindo haciendo un puchero hacia la camara manteniendo el ambiente brillante y divertido. El mini album tendra 5 cancion y la cancion principal se llama YooHoo” y fue producida por Kim Ju Won y Kim Ki Bum el duo que ha creado sus pasados exitos “Magic“, “Madonna“, “Shy Boy“, “Starlight Moonlight“, “Love is Move“, y “Poison“. Ingresa tu direccion de correo y subscribete a Hallyu Hondyras para recibir notificaciones de nuestras publicaciones mas recientes. Check out their comeback performance (which includes Only U), and don’t forget about allkpop‘s exclusive autographed SECRET giveaway!
The casual look, however, was no longer well-received through many netizens online as they bashed the singer for her “shocking” appearance, whilst others criticised her contemporary weight gain. A post on Instiz allowed netizens to collectfootage of the young singer that can remarkably be evidence of her modelling career. Boasting a height of 170 centimetre, some netizens can not just assistyet agree to the uncanny possibility that the singer might branch out to be a version as well.
The show has noticeda metamorphosis in couples the old couple of months with the joining of new couples Jo Se Ho FIESTARs Caolu, Eric Nam MAMAMOOs Solar, and Madtowns Jota Kim Jin Kyung who joined on episode 311, 316 and 321 respectively.

In addition to that, with the twos interplayto this pointat the show, audience have given them even more high-quality reaction against their virtual marriage.
Kim Swan said, "But, you stated you enjoyed me" and then she bumped into Cha Ji-won's hands and had herself wrapped around with his arms. Kim Ji Won Says She Used to be Touched Via How Yoo Jae Suk AttemptedTo be offeringcoverage to Her On “Running Man”ilmare42 Might 12, 2016 0 After Kim Ji Won’s appearance on “Running Man” on May just 1 at the aspect of her “Descendants of the Sun” co-star Jin Goo, she has printed how touched she was by the style her spouse Yoo Jae Suk took care of her. In this episode, the pair play a game where they are trying to open a wrapped box with gloved hands to get the pair of wings inside. SECRET'sJi Euntalked about her acting experience, advice she received from her members, SECRET's comeback, and more for 'International bnt'.First, Ji Eun shared some thoughts on her first leading role in drama 'Sweet Home, Sweet Honey'.
If you thoughtSECRET'sHyosunglooked fine in herearlier released photosfor 'Cosmopolitan', you ain't seen nothing yet! SECRET teamed up with zanybros for their MV in Saipan, promising another video worth replaying over and over! Regardless of the reactions, enthusiasts were fast to protect that it was justnow notbizarre for the singer to selectconvenience and wear normalgarments for her schedules.
The choice ofimages taken from her more than a few appearances, social media updates and behind-the-scenes capture, highlighted Doyeon’s tall and lean physique, ideal for a print or runway model.

And so, many are crediting Eric Nam and Sun for the spice up in ratings especially relating to that the 2 have highly certain public images. Yoo Jae Suk even uses his teeth to take a glance at out to rip the wrapping paper off the box and then to attempt to go the box open! She looks even better in the released making-video!If anything, her figure looks even better in the video than in her actual photos for the magazine. Thank you to his fast work, they get the wings and he is helping Kim Ji Won put them on in time for them to steer transparent of the penalty.
What are the regrets and what used to be so precious?" and then she told Cha Ji-won, "Love me". Whilst onemust exist a manager for all the band, I only were given to take into accounts my brother".

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