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You can still meet your Dizzywood friends and some of your favorite characters in the Dizzywood Land at SecretBuilders. The Dizzywood user acquisition caps a prolific 2010 for us with high engagement by children and endorsement by parents. SecretBuilders, a casual game for children with an emphasis on creativity and historical adventure, announced today its acquisition of the userbase of children’s game world, Dizzywood. The Dizzywood userbase acquisition comes on the heels of strong growth for SecretBuilders with a doubling of new monthly registrations and monthly page views, and a tripling of daily return users and peak concurrent users, in the past four months.
The company plans to launch game versions and companion apps on various mobile platforms in the coming months.
SecretBuilders provides premium content that is both engaging and enriching for children on all screens.
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Kids casual game site SecretBuilders is announcing today that it has acquired the assets of rival kids virtual world Dizzywood for an undisclosed price. The kids market became particularly heated in 2007 after Disney bought Club Penguin for more than $350 million (with full earnout, the price would have been $700 million, but the site didn’t hit its targets). Dizzywood was started in 2008 by Scott Arpajian and it raised $1 million from Charles River Ventures and Shelby Bonnie. Khan is targeting kids with some proven features such as dress-up and personalization, home decoration, socialization, adventures and quests, and fun games. That included all of the initial character sketches for Presto, Chanjo, Olivia Kickflip, and more.
Long before human Dizzywood explorers first arrived from Earth, the world had its own native inhabitants, called Ancients, Sprites and Bogies. Critters were a lot like pets in the game and would follow your character wherever you travelled throughout the world. Easter was always a fun holiday on Dizzywood, and it was highlighted by the Bjorn Brothers Easter Egg Hunt. Yes, all of the initial sketches for the design of the world were produced by the incredibly talented artist, Jake Parker. The deal adds Dizzywood’s over 1.9 million users, including all its active and premium users, to SecretBuilders Community of 2 million users worldwide. Arpajian, who co-founded Dizzywood in 2007 with funding from Charles River Ventures, European Founders Fund and Shelby Bonnie, co-founder CNET, will be joining the SecretBuilders Advisory Board. Last week a version of SecretBuilders became available on the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.

SecretBuilders is a casual game where children live and play among fictional and historical characters and learn concepts from the arts and humanities. Started in 2007, the company has more than 1 million unique monthly players and it has nearly 2 million registered users, said Umair Khan, chief executive.
For instance, SecretBuilders is available on the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computer now. Although the virtual world craze isn’t as huge as it used to be, Khan is encouraged that more kids are going online at an earlier age. The original map, sketched by the incredibly talented Jake Parker and inked by the considerably less talented Scott Arpajian, shows many amazing places in Dizzywood that never quite made it into the game. What many people don’t know is that there were several different kinds of critters, each with their own story.
Each of the three Bjorn Bears (Edward, Einar and Elof) would hide five eggs somewhere in Dizzywood, and it was up to Dizzywood explorers everywhere to try and find them. Others could be purchased with coins in one of the several stores found throughout Dizzywood (Groomfur’s in Canal City was a favorite). Jake went on to do some amazing things in illustration and animation, including work on the well-known animated movies Ice Age 3 and Rio. When you were walking through Dizzywood, however, you were usually limited to a small area in your field of view, and could never see the entire area on screen.
It’s amazing to think that the first planning for Dizzywood began just over eight years ago! The most successful virtual worlds that targeted kids were Poptropica, WebKinz, Runescape, Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters.
The user base is now growing by about 500,000 per quarter, even though the company doesn’t spend money on advertising.
This map was never published, and as far as we know, this is the very first time anyone outside of the Dizzywood creators has seen it!
A Brief History of Dizzywood Before humans and animals, the world’s main inhabitants were huge elemental titans called Ancients, small faerie-like creatures called Sprites, their more wild counterparts Bogies, nasty monsters of all shapes and sizes, and the many flying and skittering critters who make up the world’s indigenous animal kingdom. One of the earliest fashion features was the Dizzywood Fashion Cam, which let you take a snapshot of your style and save the image to your computer for sharing with friends. Actually, we’re kind of thrilled that he still features all his Dizzywood work on his portfolio page.
Sometime in 2008, we produced panoramic views of some of the more popular areas in Dizzywood.
Part of the success is that SecretBuilders has repositioned itself, focusing more on kids casual games and less on building out a full virtual world.

In fact, the only place the map ever existed before was on a conference room table in the offices of Rocket Paper Scissors, the creators of Dizzywood. Check out the Environments section to see some of the early sketches for the lands that eventually showed up in the game, such as the Explorer’s Camp and Canal City. The reclusive leprechaun would visit Dizzywood, carrying a pot o’ gold that would give out gold to anyone who could find it. SecretBuilders has 12 sections where kids can learn about art and literature as they play dozens of mini games.
Through the magic of Dizzywood, they gained a keen intelligence and developed speech as well as the ability to walk upright. Years ago, many woodland creatures wandered into the underground mines while the evil Emperor Withering was ransacking the sacred temple. You’ll even see some amazing things that never quite made it into the game, including an incredible car-racing track.
The mischievous leprechaun was also known to use the special rainbow emote power to celebrate the holiday in style.
These animals soon began forming communities, which mirrored the ones they had seen on earth. Jaguars, snakes, and armadillos created vast Aztec and Mayan-like Empires in the area that would eventually become known as Tanglevine Jungle. The good news is that the crystal critters could be brought back to life with the help of Kan the Geomancer. Magic in the world manifests itself naturally in a variety of ways, including pools of elixir and underground crystals.
The animals have developed technology and machinery using the magical elixir, such as cars, airships, and all manner of modern devices. Piglet Bunnycorn Lizard Fish Batty Fox Bull Beastie Double Snake Flutterbird Twinklepig Other Critters Additional critters were found later by intrepid Dizzywood explorers. A group of mad scientists has even invented teleporters, robots, jetpacks, and other sci-fi devices. One of the explorers, a miscreant named Simon Withering, decided that he wanted to sap this newfound world of all its wondrous magical resources.

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