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In Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession, you have been summoned to a lush vineyard by the maid of a wealthy family. Uncover the truth of why a terrifying machine turned its back on its creator and went berserk.
After the discovery of Metru Nui, Kopaka, Tahu, and Gali (along with Nokama) say their goodbyes and remember their memories of Mata Nui.
Meanwhile Turaga Vakama tells Takanuva and Jaller the tale of the conflict between the Toa Nuva and the Rahkshi Kaita, as an example of why one should not judge an enemy's power by appearance. Kopaka, Lewa, and Tahu are chasing the Rahkshi when they encounter a part of Le-Wahi devastated by some unknown power. The Turaga then gather the Toa Nuva to tell them the secrets of Metru Nui, explaining the importance of the past and that they had intended to tell the tales earlier.
The upcoming launch of the content-rich Secrets & Shadows update for popular action MMORPG TERA is scheduled for release in May. Anchoring the Secrets & Shadows update is the brand new ninja class, a covert strike force of elins who wield oversized shurikens and operate as hit-and-run short-range fighters. Over the coming weeks, En Masse will reveal more information about the Secrets & Shadows update on their website. TERA is an award-winning MMORPG for the PC platform that takes the fight beyond the genre’s traditional point-and-click combat systems with enhanced aiming, dodging, and tactical timing to create an intense and rewarding true action combat experience.

Make new friends and allies in a vibrant online community of like-minded adventurers navigating TERA’s social, political and economic structures. When you arrive, the frightened girl hands you a mysterious diary that reveals the murders of three women but who is the murderer? Follow clues left by stone monks in a deserted town in Thailand to uncover a thrilling mystery. The Hunter of Darkness is wandering the Earth and answering the call of distress when evil invades where it’s not welcome.
This latest update to the world of TERA promises to offer a host of exciting new features and content that will add richness to the lush tapestry of TERA’s online world. The ninja’s quick abilities enable players to dodge and evade enemy attacks while dealing deadly damage.
Among the exciting new content being added to TERA in the update are three new max-level dungeons, new story developments including the return of an old nemesis, and the introduction of a whole new mode of transport within the world of TERA — flying mounts!
With more than 20 million registered users globally, TERA continues to gain traction with fans through its active community and support. She served as executive editor for Smart Talk Magazine, associate editor for Counselor Magazine, and continues to serve as contributing editor for ACED Magazine. Signs point to a member of the Conti family, yet Signor Conti and his sons are away As you delve deeper into your investigation, you realize that all is not as it seems on this rural Italian estate.

Battle the dark and magical werecreatures that want to sacrifice your friend in this macabre hidden object puzzle adventure game! After trapping the Matoran in an ice wall for the moment, the Toa find a Shadow Kraata, which infected the Matoran's masks.
There he meets the owner of the theatre, Donna, whose husband, Nicholas, is possessed by a dark force that came from a magic shadow puppet. Lewa exerts his power on it, but the Toa realize some other enemy felled the trees, so they give chase. Save Nicholas and capture the dark force before it releases dark shadows from another dimension!
As they search for the enemy, Tahu becomes angry and Kopaka becomes intimidated, until Lewa realizes their mysterious enemies are the Rahkshi Kaita. One of them creates a tornado and pushes Tahu and Kopaka out of the way, and the other starts to drain Lewa of his energy. Kopaka manages to make mirrors of ice at the last moment, which reflects the Kaita's attack at the other Kaita.

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