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The title of my talk was Lessons in Transition: Going from Corporate to Entrepreneur and the second half of my talk focused on the 5 secrets of creating massive success in your own business. And these are secrets that are going to take you some time to digest and to implement until you start to see the massive success and impact they can have in your business, so please do be patient, my dear.
But when it does and when you put them to work, it’s more powerful and effective than anything else.
The problem starts with you not thinking big enough of yourself and that’s part corporate conditioning that happens after years of just being a follower of the rules and the systems laid before you. First, start to undo the conditioning of years of corporate and realize that your new business is not another job, there is no roadmap or blueprint if you want to leave your own unique footprint behind so allow your creative genius to come forth. We get so busy, so ridiculously busy to get our company going that we lose sight of why we started it in the first place. Begin by recognizing this one in everything you do and identify what could be just a task that could deb handed off versus real effort toward fulfilling your vision. You are not here to have a job, we covered that but you are also not here to chase every penny.
In times of turmoil, growth, or crisis, he says, there will be more decisions to be made and less time to make them.
Branson says a good leader never rushes in and jumps to rash conclusions before knowing all the facts — they delay judgment and first try to see the whole picture clearly. Because people have different roles within the company, they have different perspectives, Barra explains — and those alternate viewpoints can be invaluable. When the waters are rougher, he prioritizes consistent communication, clear objectives, and regular (and prompt) performance feedback. February 1, 2015 By Hephzy Asaolu Most business owners know the importance of content marketing in today’s digital marketing world. It is good to link deep into pages that are not on your home page or any major page on your website. According to a research carried out by SerpIQ on search results rank based on content length, it was discovered that long posts of about 2,000 words made it to the first page of Google SERP position. Every successful business blog post requires an action for the reader to do, click, or engage.
Above you learned the five top ingredients you need to include in each blog post to make your business blog a successful one. She is a professional content marketer, social media writer, passionate about educating, enlightening and inspiring small business owners in the use of content and social media marketing for their businesses.
These are secrets that I learned the hard way but I don’t want you to learn them that way.

You second guess everything and have to run every simple thing by a whole team or by your boss. You are not out to create a tiny itty biz with 3 clients and maybe a product down the road. Get in the right frame of mind: The right mindset sets you up for success and the wrong one for failure.
You do not do everything from quitting your job to starting your business and offer products and services without first taking the time to adopt the right mindset. And as the brilliant saying goes, spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business. You are here to fulfill a vision and there are so many others who are more than happy to help you because figuring it out on your own will cost you time, money and more mistakes. Her children were her inspiration when she decided to create a lunch bag with freezable gel built inside the lining. While pursuing her dreams of being a known figure in the entertainment industry, she's bringing you all the latest about the people you love. Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and position yourself as an industry expert.
If you’re just publishing posts every day to make your website fresh, you need to step back and look at the list below. Content marketing involves the use of relevant keywords that will boost your post on search engines. It will either encourage them to take time to read your post or completely discourage them from reading it. The benefit of internal linking is that it makes website navigation easy for your readers and it distributes page authority and ranking power throughout your website. One school of thought advocates shorter posts of 200 words, while another says that long posts of 2,500 words are the best. That means if you write longer posts, the possibility of your post appearing on the first page of Google search results is very high.
This is a change that takes place in your heart first and your mind second before it even touches your business.
I have seen the results of these secrets to massive business success in my own company as well as for my students and clients. When you enter the entrepreneurial path, you are on your own, darling and you have GOT to trust yourself. Starting your own business is not easy but chasing the dollars is one of the most common mistakes of the new entrepreneur.

No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc. Thankful there is a team of business moms who want to share their advice on how to run a great life, and business. When you write a post with a focus on a particular point, it is easy for your readers to connect with you, share, engage, and comment on it.
The best way to arrange your post is to use headings, subheadings, paragraph breaks, lists, or bullet points. For you to achieve a good level of success with internal linking, you need lots of content to link to on your website.
However, your blog posts should not be about the number of words you can write but the quality, style, frequency, format, purpose, audience, and medium you will use to share it. The more content you have in your blog post, the more of it gets indexed by search engines.
For example, beans and eggs are protein-rich foods that help the body maintain tissues and build new cells.
It can be to capture email addresses, get them to visit another page, purchase a product, download an e-book, etc.
You need to ADOPT and EMBRACE the NECESSARY mindset for success, which is that of abundance, possibilities, unlimited number of failures before you are met with success. However, the structure of your posts depends largely on the type of content you are creating. According to research carried out by a popular online journal on how shareable its content was from a length perspective, it was discovered that posts with 1,500 words get shared mostly on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with the least shared being posts of 0-399 words. But the secret is to stop being a hero and to start asking for help as soon as you need it. If you are running a WordPress blog, you can search for a good plugin to use for this purpose.
But the job mindset is a condition from your employee experience and you need to ditch it when you come into this space. It takes courage to do this but it’s better than going to it solo and trying to figure everything out on your own.
And get away from negative toxic people who are so disgustingly pessimistic that you get depressed just walking within a mile of them.

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