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Someone recently asked me to name my 3 most essential secrets for success as an Entrepreneur.
I always feel Steve Jobs was a great example of a passionate leader — and look how that transferred to his staff and customers. More times than I can count I have wannabe Entrepreneurs come to me with their ideas for a new business – sometimes the ideas are even quite original and good but yet I will meet this wannabe entrepreneurs a few months later or even a year plus later and the still have not got started.
Look there will be plenty of challenges in any business – no matter if it is the start-up phase or you are a long established business. You have launched your business – it is succeeding but without the ability to stay focused and calm when challenges arise you cannot hope for long term success.
With hindsight I can say that fortunately for me I learned my lesson about remaining calm as a young entrepreneur (aged 16) when one morning I woke up to discover that my website hosting company (and my website) had disappeared overnight. How long did it take me to think of a solution – actually not very long at all once I calmed down. Had I not calmed down and got my head around that issue who is to know, I might not even being doing what I am doing today. OK, lets get this straight, not everyone will disappoint you, in fact very few will disappoint you but those that do can leave you feeling very sore and often angry.
In my business I have content writers, JV Partners, Programmers, Affiliates, Web Designers to name a few that I deal with daily. Whatever it is that has gone wrong it will almost certainly have cost you time and money – but getting down in the dumps about it and being annoyed will not help much, if at all. As long as we are in business we will be learning – even when it goes wrong we learn something, even if it is only that we have discovered a method that does not work!
I appreciate this is not the usual long list of points that I might be better known for in a post but I do hope you agree there might just be something new here that can benefit you and your business. After seeing how well it worked for us, we decided to develop it into a plugin our readers could use.
Well Michale, You’ve given 4 points but in my viewpoint first 2 points were enough which did mention.
So along with point 1, point 2 and 4 are really important, yet I agree point 1 always comes first. This is the biggest benefit of planning when you get to important intersections you know which way to turn.
The title of my talk wasA Lessons in Transition: Going from Corporate to Entrepreneur and the second half of my talk focused on the 5 secrets of creating massive success in your own business. And these are secrets that are going to take you some time to digest and to implement until you start to see the massive success and impact they can have in your business, so please do be patient, my dear. But when it does and when you put them to work, it’s more powerful and effective than anything else.
The problem starts with you not thinking big enough of yourself and that’s part corporate conditioning that happens after years of just being a follower of the rules and the systems laid before you.
First, start to undo the conditioning of years of corporate and realize that your new business is not another job, there is no roadmap or blueprint if you want to leave your own unique footprint behind so allow your creative genius to come forth. We get so busy, so ridiculously busy to get our company going that we lose sight of why we started it in the first place. Begin by recognizing this one in everything you do and identify what could be just a task that could deb handed off versus real effort toward fulfilling your vision. You are not here to have a job, we covered that but you are also not here to chase every penny.
If you dream to become the next best thing in business, surely you have to dig deep and hope for the best to make it. If a person’s goal is to simply survive in this world, do you think that individual will be successful in this life? There are many dynamics in managing a business successfully and to neglect any one of them in the long-term can be costly. Although it takes time, research, analysis and energy – business planning is a valuable process that will give you direction, confidence and resilience. Lenders and investors will only risk their time and money if they're confident that your business will be successful and profitable. Check out our business finances information for more on how to secure finance for your business.

Preparing a business plan will help you work out what your goals are and strategies to achieve them. This means you can focus your resources and energy on what you need to do, rather than spreading yourself too thin. Going through the planning process can give you a real sense of control over your business and your future.
The following quotations from leading organisations and industry professionals show an alarming lack of strategic planning and strategic development capability. Secrets for Business Success a practical tool for any business owner or manager to deliver greater results – providing you an improved return on time and investment, customer attraction, sales growth and business profitability.
Secrets for Business Success is strategic, tactical and full of practical tips on how to get more profit, more customers and keep them. Jon Hemming and the team at Unity Management are one of Australia's leading boutique business growth and transformational consulting companies. Also, I am not that comfortable with the word secrets any more, I far rather say they are real world business lessons learned in some cases the hard way by yours truly.
Basically they have over thought things, are waiting for the perfect moment (which will never come) and feel more comfortable talking about what they are going to do rather than DOING! At the time I was super annoyed with the web-hosting company owners – in reality I had been scammed.
Fortunately it was only a small beginner website (but it meant the world to me at the time) and using Google and the Cache feature I was able to rebuild the bulk of my website very quickly. I have had people steal my ideas, copy my websites, abuse my intellectual property, steal my software, fail to pay commissions owed and generally be rat-bags! If I’m really honest, it still gets me down but these days I suppose I have just become more philosophical about it.
Indeed being annoyed and angry is more likely to cost you even more money, because I promise you it is hard to be creative and upbeat and run a business when you are annoyed and angry. What is more I’d love to have your thought in the comments below and even if you have something that is usually not mentioned to add yourself. Today, it gets us more subscribers than our homepage opt-in, footer opt-in, sidebar opt-in and squeeze pages combined. These are secrets that I learned the hard way but I don’t want you to learn them that way.
You second guess everything and have to run every simple thing by a whole team or by your boss. You are not out to create a tiny itty biz with 3 clients and maybe a product down the road. Get in the right frame of mind: The right mindset sets you up for success and the wrong one for failure. You do not do everything from quitting your job to starting your business and offer products and services without first taking the time to adopt the right mindset.
And as the brilliant saying goes, spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business.
You are here to fulfill a vision and there are so many others who are more than happy to help you because figuring it out on your own will cost you time, money and more mistakes.
It is good practice to always focus on your current strong points and work your way from there. First off, you will need sufficient capital and the right connections in order to jump start your business. Observe these 5 simple yet relevant tips and you will surely have more chances of making it in the business world. Are you an expert in business strategy, financial forecasting, marketing and developing effective business systems and processes? Make a more informed decision and take the business where you want it to go with a business health check.
To make the transition to the next owner as smooth as possible, and to get the maximum return for yourself, you need to start planning now. It also will help you free up your time, better leverage your networking time and build your personal brand so it is congruent with your business brand. Jon is a best selling author and has helped create more than 100 multi-million dollar businesses over the last decade.

Business Valuation 101 Jon Hemming 03-May-2016Business owners, can you answer the following question? Now I had every reason to be upset but it was not until I calmed down and started thinking of solutions rather than being upset that a solution came to me. End of the day, the company isn’t going to do anything to help me so I have to take action.
This is a change that takes place in your heart first and your mind second before it even touches your business.
I have seen the results of these secrets to massive business success in my own company as well as for my students and clients. When you enter the entrepreneurial path, you are on your own, darling and you have GOT to trust yourself. Starting your own business is not easy but chasing the dollars is one of the most common mistakes of the new entrepreneur. No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc. If you have a current personal passion, it may be wise to form your business out of that passion of yours.
If you are good at cooking, then focus on being the best possible cook and establish your own restaurant business. Plan exactly your products and services, on how and where you can create your magic and sell it. Having faith and working hard as if it is the last day of your business will yield great results in your pursuit of success.
Unity Management has added many millions in revenue and profits while supporting business owners in achieving their personal and business goals. People buy passion – if you are not passionate about your products and your mission how can you expect your customers to be?
You need to ADOPT and EMBRACE the NECESSARY mindset for success, which is that of abundance, possibilities, unlimited number of failures before you are met with success. Each story starts with a vision, and dreaming big and knowing what you want will always be a good head start.
If you are weak on math, then study up and improve on it because that it is a necessary skill for every business owner.
Have specific and concrete goals that will serve as stepping stones towards your ultimate goal or vision.
But the secret is to stop being a hero and to start asking for help as soon as you need it.
Center yourself on something that you will continue doing even if no one is paying you to do it. All successful businessman must also posses skills in researching, money managing, customer handling, etc.
But the job mindset is a condition from your employee experience and you need to ditch it when you come into this space. It takes courage to do this but it’s better than going to it solo and trying to figure everything out on your own. Always have desire and passion; this will boost both the manner and amount of time you put in your work. Keep a close eye on your competitors; remember that they can also help you improve your business. And get away from negative toxic people who are so disgustingly pessimistic that you get depressed just walking within a mile of them. But remember to never ever lose sight of what’s realistic; create a time-bound dream and focus on that. You will surely encounter failures, but what’s important is that you get back up and know where and why you failed; make the necessary adjustments and live to fight for another day.

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