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In the summer of 1993, six teenagers (three boys and three girls) meet at summer camp and become close friends, sharing their dreams for the future.
Kathie Lee and Hoda celebrate the 50th anniversary classic sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie” with Jeannie herself, the ageless Barbara Eden. What’s life really like on the set of THE MIDDLE, the hit ABC sitcom that kicks off the first of four consecutive May Sweeps episodes tonight at 8PM on ABC? Which cast member is known for spending most of his time off-camera snacking at Craft services? CM: Eden loves that sweatshirt, she never stops talking about how much she loves that sweatshirt.

CM: I watched two episodes of JERSEY SHORE last year and then I hated myself for it, but I grew up there every summer so I was trying to watch it to see the Jersey Shore and then I realized it was actually nothing like the Jersey Shore I experienced. Which cast member’s off camera life would be most interesting in terms of fodder for their own reality TV show?
My yellow cross-country sweatshirt on that sweltering soundstage is absolutely my favorite thing to wear. You know you gotta give it a shot, at least watch one episode of one of the three, maybe start out with KHLOE & LAMAR and then talk to us about not watching reality television. Patty has her family and goes and tends to that, Neil [Flynn] has his cat Mike, and Charlie and I live next to each other and we’re both really boring.

Fifteen years later, their childhood friendships have developed into passionate love affairs, deep friendships as well as professional relationships.
The corruption, the desire for power and the trials and tribulations within each of their relationships has scattered their dreams like dust in the wind.

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