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Speaking of SECRETS, find out the secrets to getting customers and clients online in a seminar I’m holding near the end of January. Is the life we are living in this moment everything that exists or is there something more? The content of this website, including all music, all text, all downloads, all music samples and all other material are owned or controlled by Spire Audio or their content and technology providers. Time and space are certain segments of our consciousness, which is projected into the energy of our souls and represents the curvature of light falling on our solar system, for it represents intermediate spaces which arena€™t filled with the energy of time in the same dimensional space and time.Dimensions represent the curvature of the electromagnetic field. In different parallel dimensions there are reflections of our souls, representing the multifaceted activity of our souls.
The audio productions on this site are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or republished without written permission. In every parallel dimension connected to us is our soula€™s consciousness which relives and regulates emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives, pertaining to the past and the present times, and thus influences and co-creates our future.

The first nearest dimensions, usually there are four, represent the astral projection of our emotions. The next parallel dimensions represent mental projections and depict mental reactions to events in our lives. The highest parallel dimensions represent our spiritual lives and spiritual reactions in our lives.
It also presents the capability of setting up the inner consciousness, because it opens for us the paths important for stable norms of interpersonal relationships which are crystallized in our mirror image.
The mirror image is a reflection of our present and depicts the capability of creating multidimensional activity when we act from within ourselves, from our inner consciousness projecting old and new patterns, which are projected onto astral and mental levels. They thus co-create and form our inner view of the essence of life itself, which eludes us if we dona€™t look inside ourselves and seek inner peace within us and dona€™t perceive ourselves as Goda€™s beings with a part of the unconscious within us, within the essence of our inner core which connects us with all dimensions of our inner self-confidence into an integral whole, and provides us with the meaning of life in meeting ourselves in our inner perfect form.To simplify a little, we shall call all dimensions connected with us and representing the level of our consciousness and our current evolution a€“ pictures.
The number of pictures representing our past is usually the same as the number of pictures representing our future.

All pictures are interconnected and together form four parallel dimensions which present the multifacetedness of our existence.
In the future pictures our souls try to create such events that will lead us to the path of realization of our mission.
Souls monitor all pictures from the past and try to correct our mistakes in the future pictures and create situations which will enable us to correct our past mistakes, which is how we create a balance between our good and bad actions. Prior to our death, that balance will have already been achieved in most cases, because after death souls are sorted into their corresponding places, based on the current state of consciousness of the inner core.Where the past and the present meet in parallel dimensions, there lies our mirror image, which is the reflection of our consciousness in the spiritual world.
Every picture goes on a higher level, in a higher dimension, and if we look at them closely, all pictures together create a form of a spiral similar to a DNA helix, except that they look more like circles linked together and building on each other.

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