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Follow a team of scientists exploring royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan. Using innovative, 3D-modelling technology, scientists set out to prove whether it’s possible three inmates were able to survive one of the most daring prison escapes on record. Kathleen Martinez discovered the foundation deposits at the temple of TapOsiris Magna, which indicates the first direct link between the temple site and Cleopatra’s family line.
The Dutch scientists visit the physical model of the San Francisco Bay and delta system to test their theory before they test their raincoat raft in the bay itself. The Jingle Dress Dance is a popular and powerful tradition that has spread throughout America’s Native communities.
This hour-long journey explores the history of Minnesota’s least understood neighborhood. Not only will this site work on your laptop or desktop computer, you'll also feel right at home on any modern smartphone or tablet. Predating Eastern European legend, these discoveries force a re-examination of modern vampire lore.

Will an amateur archaeologist's theory reveal where the queen's lost tomb is hidden?
After decades of research, these imperial burial chambers may reveal clues about the long-lost Teotihuacan culture and its mysterious people. In April 2012, a team of Historic Jamestowne archeologists discovered something surprising. Will an amateur archaeologist’s theory reveal where the queen’s lost tomb is hidden? Ojibwe elders offer stories of its beginnings and its healing powers, and musicians demonstrate the unique songs and rhythms of the dance.
These place-based stories reveal common-ground experiences for various cultures over the last century.
But the real story has become shrouded in myth - with many mysteries around the tomb unsolved to this day. In the trash layer of a cellar, among the butchered animal bones and household trash discarded by the Jamestown colonists, they found the mutilated skull and severed leg of a 14-year-old English girl dating back to 1609.

Co-produced with the University of Minnesota and the U’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center. Or did the Greeks really trick the Trojans into defeat with a giant wooden horse that concealed enough soldiers to reduce the powerful city to rubble?
This two-part special combines the latest evidence from a team of archaeologists, anatomists, geologists and Egyptologists to build the ultimate picture of Tutankhamen.
Blending 3D graphics, stylized reconstruction and action-adventure forensic investigation, the programs take a 21st-century approach to ancient history, following new scientific research and presenting fresh insights into how Tutankhamen was buried, why his tomb was the only one to remain intact and the enduring enigma around how he died.

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