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The morning after the discovery of the secret of the farm, the Atlanta survivors are busily doing chores around the farm. Finally back on his feet, Carl and Lori talk about the chickens they are feeding, Patricia cripples live chickens to feed the Walkers that the family keep in the barn.
Andrea visits Daryl to apologize by giving him a book, and he quickly tells her that they are fine because she was only trying to protect the group.
As Lori and Hershel repair a fence, she thanks him again for everything he has done and tells him that they will earn their place at the farm. Glenn apologizes to Lori while chopping firewood, but Lori tells him not to worry about it.
Lori and Glenn talk about the attack at the pharmacy and Lori apologizes because she thought the town was safe. The name of the episode, "Secrets," may refer to each group of survivors and their secrets with some being revealed. The housing development seen in this episode is the TV Series equivalent of the Wiltshire Estates in the Comic Series as said in an interview with Robert Kirkman at the Arizona Comic-Con. Shane causes another shift to the Comic Series story in this episode to start a relationship with Andrea and stand well between her and Dale. The title of the book that Andrea gives Daryl is "The Case of the Missing Man." This title may be a reference to Merle, who was missing at this time. When Andrea and Shane exit the car to go and search for Sophia, she loads an empty magazine into her Beretta pistol. Kevin Fitzpatrick, The Walking Dead 2.06 "Secrets" Comic-to-TV Comparison, (November, 2011). Watch videos from your favorite PBS KIDS shows with the PBS KIDS Video app for your tablet or phone. On the night of June 11, 1962, three Alcatraz inmates set out in a raft made of raincoats into the treacherous waters of San Francisco Bay. Glenn confronts Lori about her pregnancy and whether she has told Rick about it yet; offering to go to town to get supplies for her. She asks Shane what made him decide to stay with the camp, but he doesn’t answer and only stares at Carl and Lori with Rick.
Glenn gives Lori the morning after pills she asked for, but also gives her prenatal vitamins that he found at the pharmacy.

Franklin was aware of the bodies in his basement, but they weren’t the victims of violent acts.
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Jimmy, Rick, and Shane busily plan their search for Sophia, agreeing to search a nearby abandoned housing development after gun practice. Andrea and Shane are trying advanced target training with a mobile target and Shane badgers Andrea by bringing up her sister Amy. The two argue over the nature of walkers and Maggie tells him that her father is angry at her for letting him find out.
He urges her to let Rick help her make the choice and not make it for the both of them after confirming their friendship. But his actions in the White House told a different story when he dared to champion two laws that changed America and the world—the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Beth Greene and Patricia both ask to be trained as Otis was the only member of the farm trained; though Rick will only do so if Hershel agrees. Hershel argues that the Walkers are still people and that every one that is killed is, in the end, murder. She tells him that they’re still people and tells him not to call them walkers anymore, reciting their names to him. Carl also asks Shane to teach him and it is discovered that he has taken a gun from Dale's RV. Dale tries to make Hershel realize the truth about the Walkers, but he will not accept the reality of the apocalypse.
Lori confronts Rick about Hershel’s desire for them to leave and why he hasn't told anyone else in the group. They return to the pharmacy where Maggie is attacked and only escapes after Glenn kills the walker.
This leads to a heated conversation between Lori and Rick where Carl argues that he only wants to help. Dale offers to help reinforce the barn, but Hershel rebuffs him and asks him to keep the secret of the barn to himself if he truly wants to help.

Rick tells her that they have to give Hershel space if he’s going to change their mind; nonetheless, Rick reminds her if they have to leave his first priority is her and Carl. As this is happening, Andrea and Shane explore the housing community they believe Sophia is hiding in.
Shane follows Andrea in his car after she storms away, but she wants nothing to do with him.
Glenn is asked if he wants to learn, but he excuses himself by saying he’s going to be helping Dale. Maggie blows up on Lori for risking their lives, and then argues with Glenn over his being little more than the errand boy for the Atlanta survivors when he could be a leader. Dale tells him its time for him to leave because he knows who he really is, leading Shane to challenge Dale and threaten him. After returning to the tent, Rick finds the empty container of pills and goes to find Lori. He kept up the ruse and confronted Glenn after the others had left, leading Glenn to reveal the secrets of both Lori and Hershel. Back at camp, Dale tells Lori about his wife’s miscarriage and admits that Glenn told him about her pregnancy. Shane uses this as an opportunity to test Andrea’s shooting ability and handling of stress, especially after her gun jams in the middle of a swarm.
The two argue about whether it is right to bring the baby into the world because of the risks, but Rick feels it’s worth the risks. He asks if there are any more secrets and Lori reveals that she slept with Shane when she thought he was dead, he tells her he already knew. Dale assures her that the baby can have good memories, but he sits in silence when Lori asks if he thinks her child could live a long life.

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