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Every time I hear about fantasy art, the only thing that comes into my mind is this fire breathing beast. People deserve wealthy life time and credit loans or just small business loanwould make it better. In this short article I will teach you how to picture out images of these fantasy creatures and drawing them as well. One thing I love about drawing fantasy arts is that you can turn all your imaginations into reality. With the fire it breaths, the scaly coverings on its body and the wings that make it fly made it look very cool.
In this short article I will teach you how to picture out images of these fantasy creatures and drawing them as well.So, how to draw dragons?
Though this step may be neglected by an expert artist, this requirement really helps beginners in drawing not only dragons but also other mystical creatures in general. Any basic knowledge in drawing curve lines and shading is already a great tool in perfecting your image on a clean sheet of paper. With your reference image (either a picture or just your imagination), draw the parts of the dragon by the shapes you usually encounter.

The body of the dragon usually varies depending on your reference and how wide your imagination is. Draw the arms with either conic or cylindrical shapes then add ovals for the biceps and triceps. The tail of a dragon is drawn with an elongated conic shape which is slightly bend on the other hand two intersecting curves is much easier to draw.
A dragon may or may not have wings, but if you prefer to have a pair on your drawing, you may illustrate it with two connected triangles forming a diamond.
And finally the head, most of the efforts is needed on the head when you are drawing a dragon.
Darken the lines which are to be used in giving a clearer picture of your dragon and erase the excess lines.
Draw scales on the body with tiny c-like curves or you can do the other way; improve the body texture with significant lines and v shape lines. Though you’re already done drawing your dragon to look similar from your reference, you can still improve it by adding more details.

With smokes going out from its mouth and the background of your final sketch will make the whole thing looks real.
The wider your imaginations will take you, the greater the possibility for you to draw other awesome fantasy creatures. Try to look for other images in line with the fantasy art category and practice sketching to improve your skills. To be able to draw a dragon is already amazing but to draw a dragon along with the gang is more splendid.Enjoyed this article?

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