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Veterans of the Grand Theft Auto series will know the hours of joy that comes from entering a whole bunch of cheat codes and just going nuts for a few hours. A word of advice, activating any of the cheat codes will disable you from unlocking GTA V achievements and trophies. While playing the game, press Circle(2), L1, Circle(3), L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.
While playing the game, press Circle, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, L1(2), Left(2), X, Triangle. The blueprint map that comes in the Special and Collector’s Edition of GTA V actually has a secret message on it that appears under UV light. I hope you get a working washing machine soon and I look forward to hearing about your good secret!
I am also not good with waiting to here someones good news but I am hoping it gets all official and you can tell us very soon.

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Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics. Ahead of it’s release tomorrow, Cheat Code Central have released a series of GTA V cheat codes for gamers looking to go crazy to get to grips with. I have something I’m bursting at the seams to tell you about, but I can’t because it’s not “official” yet. If you like this post, por please share it, pin it, tweet it, call your mom and tell her about it or give it a hug. It’s nice to know that my friends can trust me with their most confidential information. As for keeping my own secrets it’s easy, unless the secret is I have a surprise or gift for someone then it is nearly impossible.

I have been able to keep some pretty rough ones, but just because my cousin needed someone to talk to. The only time I don’t keep a secret is when it hits me hard, I usually find someone to tell that is not in anyway involved. I am getting better as I get older because I know if I share someones secret it always gets back to them. I have a big secret too and it is KILLING me not to SCREAM it to the world cause its not official yet.

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