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The apartment now serves as a changing room for the girls who make Tinkerbell’s nightly flight.
Mission: Space -- Remember what occupied that piece of land before Mission: Space was built? Look closely and the Horizons symbol will show that it is indeed the same rotating drum from that ride. Morocco -- Notice that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney-MGM Studios is clearly visible behind the pavilion.
Corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard -- Do you know who Mickey was before he was Mickey?

Village of Harambe -- The Africa section of the park was designed to resemble a working African village. Kilimanjaro Safari -- The attention to detail in this attraction is mind boggling, even for those accustomed to Disney touches. Walt Disney World is packed to overflowing with hidden secrets, backstory, and inside jokes. Hidden Mickeys are a well known example of this attention to detail, but they are not the only surprises by far. To get you started, presented here is a park by park list of just a few of Disney’s secrets.

The control console featured in the queue was originally used in both Flight to the Moon and Mission to Mars at the Magic Kingdom.
Of all the excellent table service restaurants in Epcot, only Alfredo’s is a branch of an authentic restaurant in the depicted country.
At the corner of Hollywood and Sunset, check the sidewalk for a special tribute to Mickey’s former life.

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