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In the first partI have explained the role of diet and exercise in getting a toned body and outlined those elements that will help you maximize your workout.
In this post I present the actual workout, 5 exercises you can add to your workout list and tone those muscles.
There is a big variety in performing push ups, and they can cover different fitness levels from easy to really hard ones. They also can work a large amount of muscles through your body, including those in your arms, back, abdominals and buttocks.If a novice you can start doing push ups on fours and maybe lower down half way and back up again instead of all the way to the floor. They are more challenging than they seem but they can be performed anywhere even standing up. However, you can use any horizontal bar which will take your weight, as well as you can perform them outdoor.A few months ago I was fooling around with my cousin and we used the branch of a tree to do our pull ups however, do be aware of health and safety and don’t put yourself in danger.

So think well before using a bar or a tree and make sure is safe to do so.To the point, pull ups is another of my favourite full body exercises.
Actually pull ups will work more or less all muscles in your upper body, well close enough and in addition, it will work your hips and buttocks. Try doing one of them and you will feel it through your whole body.They are hard but even if you do one or half to start from is good and just build on it. Repeat sequence.SkippingWe all may have done some skipping as kids and in our minds it may not come across as a worthwhile hard exercise. It is however a good cardio and plyometric exercise, it tends to work most of your body and it is actually harder than you remember from your childhood. There are a few variations in skipping such as both legs together, one legged crossing arms etc.Best advice is to try getting used to the skipping technique as it can be tricky to turn the rope and jump over it.

The turning should come from the wrists, however, I do like to do a whole arm motion it is more tiring but it gives a slight workout on the arms. A few weeks back I was training with a group in the dancing studio and one of the personal trainers offered to warm us up in 3 compact exercises.

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