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Is the provider's cloud infrastructure built with an N+1 configuration to withstand equipment failure? What is the provider's disaster recovery strategy, and how frequently is it tested? When an employee leaves, what is the process for blocking access to applications to prevent data downloads? Will there be any changes to the level of service if the application is deployed in a hosted environment? Infographics Library Customers A survey exploring the relationship between consumers and brands found that only 1% of consumers are satisfied with their customer experience—which leaves an astounding 99% up for grabs. If so, how was it resolved, and what safeguards were implemented to prevent a repeat experience?

Does the software run native over the Internet, or does it require a delivery mechanism such as Citrix?
Even a modest shift in IT spending toward growing or transforming the business could help you compete better in a complex marketplace.
Read In Search of Insight and Foresight: Getting More Out of Big Data by the Economist Intelligence Unit to find out.
Develop, test and deploy enterprise grade business applications faster and easier than ever. Download this Executive Brief now to hear five reasons why LOB managers should consider SaaS business applications from Oracle. Hear how Oracle Cloud's Social Relationship Management tools helped a broadcaster used better engage with fans on their social media channels.

What are the top 5 things you should look for in a cloud provider when it comes to security? See for yourself Risk Management White Paper: Optimize Procure-to-Pay Processes for Profitability, Efficiency, and Compliance Landing Pad.

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