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It has been stressed that “developing and committing to personal goals (selection) provides the constraints that are essential for development” (Mroczek and Little, 2006, p.367). To become a successful business manager in mobile telecommunications sector in charge of 1 million GBP budget within three years after completing the studies. To be acknowledged as an effective leader and to be successfully leading a team of at least 10 people within a year after becoming a full-time employee.
To be acknowledged as an effective, efficient and motivational communicator by colleagues and tutors by the end of studies.
The process of meaningful learning is presented by Kolb (1984) as a series of events that integrate the functions of feeling, perceiving, thinking, and acting. The theoretical framework of Kolb’s learning cycle has been further developed by Honey and Mumford (1982), who identified four learning styles as activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatic. After taking a relevant test the author’s learning style has been identified to be a theorist. At the same time, individuals with theorist learning style have been found to perform low in situations that involve unstructured activities and when the briefing is poor. Being equipped with this valuable information about own learning style and its characteristics, the author of this paper is now better positioned to achieve professional goals through maximising the positive return from learning activities.
Moreover, a wide range of factors influence successful study and the influences of the most notable factors need to be analysed in a greater detail in order to ensure the greater scope for the current development needs analysis. Motivation has been identified as one of the major factors influencing successful study by Jackson et al (2007) and the affect of this factor has been found to be directly related to the goals for the study. Learning Style Model proposed by Dunn and Griggs (1995) divides the factors influencing successful study into five categories: immediate environment, own emotionality, sociological preferences, physiological characteristics, and processing inclination. The factor of learner immediate environment relates to the impact of external environment such as room lighting and temperature, sounds, the design of the room etc. Own emotionality of learners, as another significant factor, relates to motivation, persistence and the level of responsibility of learners. Another factor influencing successful study involve learner physiological characteristics such as best time of the day for study, the level of mobility during the learning process, and the impact of outside stimulation. The author needs to develop and improve a set of specific skills in order to be a competent strategic learner and to achieve professional goals.
Transferable core skills that need to be developed broadly includes cognitive skills, problem solving and decision making, research and investigative skills, information and communications technology skills, numeracy and quantitative skills, communication skills, interpersonal and team working skills, personal management skills, learning skills, and self-awareness. Nevertheless, personal development and effective development needs analysis requires from individuals a great level of self awareness.
Two different methods of developing self-awareness have been specified by Blerkom (2011) as the process of introspection (looking inwards) and receiving feedback about self from others. The identification of these skills has involved the using the combination of both self awareness methods – introspection and receiving feedback from friends, colleagues and relatives.
The author needs to develop own cognitive skills in order to become more effective learner and business manager. The need for the dramatic improvement of own cognitive skills can be explained by pointing to the vast amount of information needed to by learned and analysed by modern managers, as well as the necessity for finding creative solutions to business issues in order to get competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Moreover, the communication skills of the author also need to be developed significantly to become an effective learner and a successful manager. It is also important to note that communication skills is not limited to verbal communication, and it also includes non-verbal channels of communication, such as posture and tone of speaking, as well as, written form of communication. The demand for effective development planning in personal and professional capacities has increased during the last two decades fuelled by intensifying pace of life and increasing level of competition.
The first part of the paper presented above has highlighted career goals of the author and identified relevant personal development needs.
Moreover, the main factors influencing successful study have been found to include immediate environment, own emotionality, sociological preferences, physiological characteristics, and processing inclination; and the main skills the author needs to develop were found to include cognitive and communication skills.
Enabling individuals to transition from responsiveness to responsibility encourages initiative, idea generation, and problem solving. Our two-day program is designed to create and foster self empowerment and engaged leaders at all levels of the organization. Individuals seeking to maximize their effectiveness, potential, and power while gaining confidence and skills to create a path to high performance. There are seven stages of this development, according to Parenting For Everyone by Simon Soloveychik (Book1 part1 Ch.11). The internet and communication technologies show the fastest developments in the past 10 years. However to actually improve the quality of your life you have to get rid of the barriers you set up yourself.

You will experience personal freedom which allows you to work at maximum capacity (without your old barriers) and you will experience inner powers and abilities which you never thought you had in you. The self-development program in zolisnet is based on the sense of community yet it is custom made with the individual in mind.
If you want to learn and develop certain skills the information (whether it is written, audio or video) is available to do so. Members have the opportunity to get their questions answered based on real life experiences of others. The leaders group consists of members who are members of more than 3 companies on zolisnet and actively promoting those.
Kolb’s learning cycle consists of four phases: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation, and active experimentation. As Fee (2011) informs, individuals with theorist learning style tend to classify their observations into specific patterns and consequently generate relevant theories.
Moreover, being in the same group with individuals who have different learning styles have also been found to negatively affect the learning performance of theorists (Excellence Gateway, 2011, online). This information has been used by the author in a way that goals for the study have been clarified using SMART principle, and therefore the level of personal motivation for the study has been enhanced. Learner sociological preferences, on the other hand, is an alternative factor and this factor relates to the preference of the student to study alone, or as a member of a group. Lastly, learner processing inclination as a separate influencing factor relates to the differences among individuals in terms of being analytical or global, mainly using ‘left brain’ or ‘right brain’, or being impulsive or reflective learners.
Self awareness has been defined as “the evolving and expanding sense of noticing and taking account of a wide range of aspects of life” (Burnad, 2005, p.76).
The author of this paper has identified a set of specific skills that need to be further developed in order to become an effective learner and competent business manager. Moreover, the identification of skills development needs has also involved reflection on own previous experiences within and outside of academic settings. Jackson et al (2007) state that the term of cognition can be explained as ‘the act of knowing’ or ‘knowledge’ and  cognitive skills relate to the  ability of critical thinking, concentrating, memorising, analysing and synthesis of information. Communication is defined as “the act of transmitting and receiving information” (Baker, 2010, p.1). Such a situation requires individuals to adopt a highly proactive approach in terms of formulating their career goals and identifying personal development needs in order to achieve those goals. The confidence an individual gains from this type of empowerment grows leaders and drives high performance. Participants learn strategies to gain more satisfaction from their work by challenging their notion of leadership,  examine what motivates them, and build confidence and self-reliance through knowledge and skills. Direct reports of a leader who wants and needs their employees to become more self-reliant. What should parents know about their child’s development from a completely dependent infant into a fully responsible, independent adult? A child liberates himself from his mother’s womb, from darkness into light, into millions of new sensations, with a cry of pain, or is it happiness? New friends, a job, coworkers, bosses, marriage, kids, house, pets, and a yard…  It’s full freedom, and no parental supervision, for most people. It is almost impossible to keep up with everything and be up to date with all developments. By doing that you are not only setting up on the road to success financially but professionally, personally and emotionally as well.
But you have to find the reliable information and invest the time to turn it into knowledge. These can be as detailed as required with step by step guidance covering every aspects of our business.
We only publish opinions and experiences from people who can be identified and who are actually active members of the particular company.
The author acknowledges that a set of personal skills and competencies need to be developed in order to achieve this goal.
Accordingly, it has been established that the best learning environment for theorists involve structured situations with specific purposes, and the availability of interesting theories and concepts. For instance, while some people prefer to study with a background music on, whereas for others any external sound or noise can be a major source of distraction. Work-content skills such as the ability to repair watches, or undertake a brain medical surgery are learned through on-the-job training, formal schooling, or both. The importance of communication skills for business managers can be explained by the need to communicate with various stakeholders of the business.

Specifically, it has been clarified that the author closely associates the future career goals with business management in telecommunications industry, and possesses a theorist learning style. How and when do parents need to give up their supervision in order to let their child learn about freedom? In each stage a child throws himself toward new opportunities, liberates himself from his ties with parents, learning about freedom, and about the responsibility related to it.
And it is a full responsibility, responsibility to make one’s own choices, good or bad, and live one’s own life. It is a cycle from no freedom to full freedom, from no responsibility to full responsibility, until death. How and when do you give up your parental supervision to let your child learn about freedom?
But all of us have to face the end results sooner or later (better faster) and we must adjust to most in order to continue even with everyday activities. Moreover if anyone needs extra motivation or inspiration or encouragement we are always ready to help.
The leaders share their knowledge and take active part in monitoring companies as well as exploring new business opportunities. Transferable skills, on the other hand, relate to individual abilities that would help people succeed in any job.
New people: teachers, peers, and bullies… The more a child accumulated those inner ties with his mother, the more he feels ready for this new life.
New freedoms come with new responsibilities, with their severe punishment for wrong choices. If by this time there is a sense of inner security in a man, then he continues to develop to his fullest potential. Marr (2009) mentions SMART requirement for goals the abbreviation standing for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. If, instead, he comes home and hears a severe “What did you do now?” or he meets an indifferent look, then his desire to develop weakens.
If heartfelt ties with parents have been luckily formed inside of a child, there is hope, that together with the teenager parents will survive a difficult time.
The desire to take on more difficult challenges drives him to assume bigger responsibilities, fulfillment of which brings him a sense of great happiness. Not by talking about it, not by scolding, but by allowing them to self-liberate for life and new responsibilities. Comparing Different Approach and Avoidance Models of Learning and Personality in the Prediction of Work, University and Leadership Outcomes.
This is the stage when a child learns whether the duty to study is associated with joy, or it becomes a burden. If, instead, the sense of security is weak, a person will have to postpone his need to develop and will work on making sure he is secure first. If studying new things brings a child joy, if he feels “I can do it!” the routine of taking responsibility for hard work of study is not scaring him.
It will take time before an infant learns about his little body and the environment around him, before he feels secure and is ready to expand his life opportunities. If, instead, school life makes a child feel exhausted and empty, and in addition, at home he doesn’t get support, poor child! A child explores the world himself, learning to deal with his new choices, new joys and fears. Now he himself can choose which direction to take: to the right to bump into his mom’s belly, or to the left to grab his dad’s leg, or to sit down and play with a toy.
However, the strength of this desire depends on a developed sense of security inside of him. This “no-no,” the way it is said, eventually may add to the child’s inner sense of security, or it may add to his insecurity. Somehow, with parental “no-no” or without, or even in spite of it, a child starts learning the difference between good opportunities and bad ones.

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