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Delivered by Karen Loring, this session will explore what Self Development is, how we might develop ourselves, and look more closely at how change works and how to manage it.
Self-Development is a process of consciously improving oneself in various aspects of his or her life. Self-development and personal growth is a lifelong process which enables you to assess your abilities, to set goals, and then take action to help you to achieve those goals and to maximize your potential.  The ultimate goal of self-development is to be a self-fulfilled person.
Habit creation is the conscious establishment of behaviors or thoughts in an attempt to improve ourselves. The process of self-development begins prior to any actual steps in the development of skills, talents, or competencies. After you discover who you are and where you are headed, you begin the actual steps in the improvement process by assessing your current skills, talents, and competencies. Self-assessment is the process of gathering information about one’s own aptitude, skills, competencies, and talents and critically reviewing the quality of his or her performance and abilities.
After the completion of a self-assessment, you are better able to set and reach your goals. Although often used interchangeable, we like to differentiate self-development from self-improvement (or self-help).
Self-development, on the other hand, focuses on personal growth in all aspects of your life.
Self-development includes activities that improve skills, develop talents, build competencies, enhance quality of life, and ultimately contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. It was the late motivational speaker Charlie Tremendous Jones who said that “you are the same person today that you will be in 5 years time from today except from the books you read and the people you meet!” A well thought out self-development course will of course include the must read books and the ‘right’ people to address the students. Technology has enabled information to go almost as fast as the speed of light and Google has become the modern library of today.
To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail and to fail to self-develop is to prepare to become redundant.
Last but not least, schools and universities from around the globe should offer a self-development course because self-development is your pathway to a more successful future.

It is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by improving personal skills, competencies, talents, and knowledge.
That means living consciously at your full potential and reaching true happiness in your life. It allows us to maintain a positive focus on our goals and objectives through imagery, visualization, and other techniques. Habits are those behaviors or tendencies that you do automatically without thinking or consciously intending. Self-Assessment is different from self-awareness and self-discovery in that awareness and discovery is simply a recognition of something or knowing something exists.
Unlike self-development, self-improvement usually is used to refer to something you do to improve an aspect of your life in which you are struggling. At the end of the day if you stop self-developing you just signed your ‘death-sentence’ especially in your professional (and of course personal) life! You no longer need a library pass to develop yourself you simply need an internet connection.
It also means that you will probably fail to be self-employed – even if you do you will soon be working for someone who self-develops or at worst you will be out of a job.
Self-developmet is your willingness to go forward in life; and it is also a realisation that if you don’t you won’t!
Let’s Beat it” which offers the five pillars (Attitude, Personal Growth, Setting Priorities, Differentiation,  Networking) of successful self-development!
However, the key component to self-development is the growth of one’s personal self in order to seek self-fulfillment and proactively reach your fullest potential. It also allows us to build positive images and feeling about ourselves to increase our self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence.
Assessment, on the other hand, is determining or measuring an amount, value, importance, extent, or rate of something. A development plan involves the making of goals or benchmarks that help define the path that you intend to follow.

Today’s skills are tomorrow’s redundant employees and tomorrow’s skills and know-how will carry you forward into the not so distant future. Mental conditioning techniques encompasses relaxation to help relieve anxiety and tension to improve performance through better concentration and focus.
Self-discovery gives you insightful understanding of your personality, values, tendencies, and beliefs.
By knowing what specific skills you need to develop or work on, you are able to focus your attention on those skills and making yourself more proficient at them.
Self-development will address areas of weakness to make them less challenging, but is not the focus.
Self-development is life-development; self development is about being ready to face tomorrow’s challenges by willing to move from the status quo and your comfort zone into your ‘safety’ zone. You force yourself to focus on the acquisition of knowledge and to organize your resources, thus allowing you to become more organized and effective.
These are all worthy improvements to one’s self, but the focus is on a person’s weakness (i.e.
It really focuses on building your talents and areas that interest you so that you reach your fullest potential and feel self fulfilled. As you become more effective, you can improve both your abilities and ultimately your performance. For example, if you are really good at painting or music, self-development would help you to further develop that strength.

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