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Low self-esteem ALWAYS forms in childhood when the individual is developing an initial view of how he or she, as a person, fits into the world. Signs of low self-esteem: social withdrawal, sensitivity to criticism, hostility, excessive pre-occupation with personal problems, physical symptoms like head aches, fatigue and insomnia (sleep disorders). 3. Some people may require talking to a counselor or an expert, especially those who went through a more challenging past. A person should not allow the low self-esteem to hinder him or her from realizing the true potentials. If you think you are suffering from a low self-esteem, you can chat anonymously to a facilitator on the MobieG LIVE CHAT. Abortion Aftermath, Abortion Doesn't Cause Depression or Low Self-Esteem in Teens, Study Says --> VIEW QUESTIONS FOR ME Type your health question here.

Researchers from Oregon State University and University of California, San Francisco studied survey data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, and after comparing data on teen girls before, during and after pregnancy, found that having an abortion did not make a teenage girl more likely to become depressed or have low self-esteem within the first year of pregnancy or five years later. According to the study's lead author, Jocelyn Warren, previous research has shown that adolescent girls who get pregnant report more depression and lower self-esteem compared to those who don't get pregnant at all. Laws in seven states mandate that women be advised of abortion's negative psychological consequences, including "post-abortion traumatic stress syndrome," a disorder that isn't recognized by the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association. This is to reassure the self of the many capabilities and potentials that may be developed. Hugging may be a very simple act, but this could very well give warmth to a dampened spirit. Mary Harvey, an OSU public health professor, says, "I cannot think of any other type of health practice where a doctor is forced by law to tell a patient about negative consequences that have not been proven or validated." This study, however, does not necessarily provide evidence to disprove the existence of post-abortion traumatic stress syndrome.

Warren says, "We know most teen pregnancies are not wanted pregnancies and an unwanted pregnancy can be very stressful." She explains, "What we didn't know was whether psychological outcomes are worse for girls who choose abortion [versus having the baby]. Are there any preventative measures I can take to decrease my risk, and how often should I get checked out?

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