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Students complete the left side of the worksheet at the end of a lesson, then complete the right side of the worksheet at the beginning of the next lesson (after a whole group reflection on the assignment). I open this lesson by reading The Sneetches, a book about how "star-bellied" Sneetches feel that they are better than "plain-bellied" Sneetches. For this activity, I read a modified version of the famous starfish story (right) with my students. This idea from Kindergarten Rocks is a wonderful way to check your students' understanding. La Luna is a beautiful story about a young boy learning "the family business." Both his father and grandfather try to push their views, but the boy learns to find his own way. I thought it would be a great addition to my Carla's Sandwich lesson, adding a little fun and "flair" to the activities.
At the end of a self-esteem lesson, I will often give students a simple homework assignment that we can reflect upon during our next lesson.
For my first lesson, I show a clip from the film, then ask the students to reflect on how Flik, the main character, is feeling. Students can learn about self-esteem through Cupcake, having to list things that they like about themselves.
I ask two students to help act out the story as I read it, allowing for a more interactive and engaging story.
I write the feelings words on the SMARTboard and when I'm finished, I stand in front of the board, showing how kind words and actions give people positive thought bubbles. Students can create shields with positive solutions to problems such as anxiety, bullying, and other difficult issues.
Reynolds and produced by FableVision, movingly conveys the loneliness that a child on the autism spectrum often experiences, and the life-changing impact each of us can have when we reach out and embrace them.

When you ask comprehension questions after your lesson, students take turns swatting their answers. However, within this sugary sweet world lives a gloomier cloud who likes to create more unique and, at times, unappreciated gifts, such as sharks, crocodiles, and porcupines. After reading the story, I often facilitate an activity to help students identify their positive characteristics. This particular assignment is to help students understand the power their actions have over other students' self-esteem. I would use this video before or after a lesson on self-esteem; it really just depends on what I still need for the lesson (an intro or closing).
You can use this video to teach many topics, but I included it in the "self-esteem" section because it shows how we can improve other student's self-esteem with our kind actions. Small Potatoes is about four singing potatoes who travel the world making music and making friends. After a class discussion, I have students draw what high self-esteem looks like at school and what low self-esteem looks like at school. To help students recognize the good in themselves, we become detectives and look for these talents, positive actions, etc. After viewing the video, I have students write how they will improve other student's self-esteem. One day, the storm cloud's stork friend flies to a neighboring cloud - when old gloomy sees this, his thundering anger builds and his rain tears fall.
Students are assigned a character (Flik or Dot), then draw and write about a time they felt like that ant.The second lesson is a review. After the story, we reflect on the way the Sneetches treated one another at the beginning and how that changed by the end.Then, we transition to a game.

We also begin discussing how our actions can positively or negatively affect someone else's self-esteem. The weakened stork returns with a bundle of his own: a helmet and shoulder pads to help make the journeys easier.
We practice the positive side by writing one positive thing about every person at our table.
I remind students that having a star does not mean that you are better--it's just for the game.
The storm cloud has a hard time expressing his feelings, so this movie could spark discussion on how to positively manage strong emotions. Then, that student tosses the ball to a student WITHOUT a star and says one thing that makes that student special. Sometimes students who are outside the mainstream are confused why the general population doesn't reach out to be their friend.
I think "Partly Cloudy" could help these students reflect on the importance of the quality of their friends vs. Being unique is great, but it can also make it more challenging to find great friend matches. It's hard being friends with someone you don't have anything in common with, so naturally, if you think and act outside the box, then you'll have fewer great friends at your disposal. I created two workpages (below) that could help students organize their thoughts and create a plan of action for finding and developing positive friendships.

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