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While we agree with the reasons that the article gave, we don’t agree with its conclusions or the idea that most marriage failures are down to choosing the wrong person.
Understanding these and identifying each other’s ego-type allows you move towards the most healthy kind of unconditional love.
A good partnership is not so much one between two healthy people (there aren’t many of these on the planet), it’s one between two demented people who have had the skill or luck to find a non-threatening conscious accommodation between their relative insanities.
The very idea that we might not be too difficult as people should set off alarm bells in any prospective partner. This has been a problem; it is one that we have solved after several years of research and development at The Best Wedding Present.
This problem is compounded because other people are stuck at the same low level of self-knowledge as we are. In a wiser society, prospective partners would put each other through detailed psychological questionnaires and send themselves off to be assessed at length by teams of psychologists.
For the 83% of the population who don’t enjoy a predominantly flourishing state of wellbeing, a degree of unhappiness is inevitable. It is not uncommon for us to unconsciously seek out partners who bare a similarity to one of our parents.
If we are rejecting seemingly healthy and well-balanced potential partners, it is most likely because we don’t have sufficient self-love and self-esteem. More comprehensively, how true this is will also be a reflection of (i) your ego-type and (ii) also influenced by your position on the introversion-extroverison trait continuum.
We have worked with hundreds of people who are so fearful of losing their partner, that they suffocate the relationship. As previously described – attending our School of Love at The Best Wedding Present DOES give you the power to sustain and grow the relationship bond, complete with happiness and romance. The answer to that question can be answered in a well-known and very often used word: Self-Esteem. Our sub-conscious unwittingly drives us to try to right a wrong or an unhappiness from that relationship with our parent. This can be the root of the familiarity that we seek.

They can also be so fearful of change that they don’t allow their partner the freedom to change and grow – even to grow older! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Our job is to give you the Professional Relationship Advice and help you need and deserve for all your Relationship problems. It is a constant fight that includes constant criticism, pressure, anger, sadness and endless cruel comparisons. You might have even tried giving your self-esteem a boost, but were later disappointed to see that it did not quite work out the way you imagined.
For my part, I suspect that this would have been the case whom ever I married back then (aged 34)”.
We’re not just talking about an unreal honeymoon period, which has been shown not to last (averaging 18 months), we are talking a deep, growing romance with a solid and broad (and lasting) foundation. We provide a well-informed, safe, non-judgemental, enlightening and fun way for a couple to explore each other’s ego. Furthermore, you will also be able to get Sex Advice and Advice on Insecurity, Marriage Problems and Telephone Counseling on any other issues you need help with.
It is an everyday struggle that gets in the way and keeps you from seeing yourself for who you really are and achieving your true purposes in life. When working on achieving high self-esteem, know that it can never and will never be achieved as long as you keep negative ingredients involved, such as giving up.
Being regularly unhappy is unnecessary and unhealthy both in a physical sense and also for your relationship.
We also offer Love Advice, Long Distance Relationship, Dating Tips, Finding out If your mate or spouse is Cheating and whether or not you are ready for Marriage and if you are, we have the Romantic Honeymoon Vacation and Romantic Ideas and we have also dream experts to understand the meaning of your dreams. The word "esteem" itself, means to value something or someone, thinking and believing that that something or someone is of great importance. All too often, we place the burden of our own happiness on our partner and the relationship.

If you are always fighting with yourself and feeding yourself thoughts that make you feel less valuable or not as important or attractive as other people, then you are suffering from Low Self-Esteem. Like every other person, you have probably adapted and grown to believe that feeling insecure and feeling that you are not good enough is normal and impossible to beat; therefore you just accept it and set an subconscious rule that you need to and deserve to feel badly and poorly when you look at yourself.
Yes, it will be hard to get rid of, especially because "giving up" is partnered with another negative ingredient named "laziness".
Unfortunately, most people suffer from this, but the good news is, you can kick low self-esteem out of your life, inviting and living a high self-esteem instead.
The truth is, you do wish to change the way you look at and feel about yourself, but you have grown to become too lazy to do anything about it.
The thing about low self-esteem is, that is cannot be cured in one day, or even soon for that matter. The first thing you need to stop doing is giving yourself and everything around you unrealistic deadlines.
For the factual reason that you find it easier to stay in the place and position that you are already in. Each little acorn had a feeling that they were destined for something special, but they didn't quite know what. What does matter and needs to be realized is that you have chosen to stay in negativity for so long, that you have become so comfortable with the fact that you do not like yourself. You may not have noticed, as most of the other low self-esteemed don't, that you now crave and need to feel sorry for yourself and subconsciously enjoy victimizing yourself and grabbing negative attention from others. You handed over all of your power and strength to it, allowing it to dictate your being and the way you handle life.

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