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ActuallyStrange has been shared by viewers a few times on different social media sites, but now I’m thinking, why wait for other people to share? I have been doing a lot of research looking for ways to improve my self-esteem and come to a better self-understanding. Originally Published on the Chicago Moms blogWhen our girls arrive at a driving range to hit balls, people look at them with the “isn’t that cute” look.
After her performance on "Eat Bulaga's" first "Bulagaan Pa More" grand finals on Saturday, Maine took to Instagram to share how much her stint in show business has changed her in a positive way.
MANILA, Philippines  — Maine Mendoza aka "Yaya Dub" is considered as one of the fast-rising stars in today's generation. After her performance on "Eat Bulaga's" first "Bulagaan Pa More" grand finals on Saturday, Maine took to Instagram to share how much her stint in show business has changed her in a positive way.
In the post she said, "I used to be a girl with a poor self esteem—I actually think I still am. Low self esteem can be difficult to deal with and the roots of self-esteem issues should not be ignored.

It may not seem like it, but this is an important step in trying to overcome low self-esteem. This can be difficult, but often times you need to change your surroundings or current situation to shift your negative thoughts. Being bubbly like she is in front of her fans, who would have thought that the on-the-go girl like Maine used to have self-esteem issues too? Pero para sa'kin, I've done so many things that I never thought I can do; things that I never imagined I am capable of doing," she explained.
Our negative view of ourselves can create difficulties in our personal lives, specifically in relationships with others. However you find your self-perceptions changed after such horrible trauma(s), know that you are valuable, worthy of respect and deserving of love and support. But by proactively shifting some of your negative thought patterns and behaviours, you can start to build confidence in yourself.
Self-care is a gentle reminder that you deserve to feel good and produces positive feelings inward, which radiates outward.

Going to the gym, eating a healthy meal, watching that show that makes you laugh are examples of self-care.
Start to note these negative thoughts and write them down on a piece of paper or in a diary.
Self-care may be taking time away from technology, taking a bubble bath or organising a lunch with friends. Give yourself a break and focus on what you can do next time, not what happened in the past. Whatever you do, self care is about supporting your body and mind to shift your focus into a positive mindset.

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