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Children with ADHD experience higher levels of stress in the school environment than most children. Thankfully, there are therapeutic techniques that any parent can use to counteract negative self-talk, help a child release stress and to feel happier. To release frustration and tension, teach your child simple relaxation techniques like deep breathing. Guided imagery and positive visualization tremendously help ADHD children to focus and channel their abundant energy in positive ways. As you shift your expectation and practice these steps, you’ll see your child’s self-esteem improve greatly.
Sign up & receive our free meal planner!Be the first to receive great, new content — plus get instant access to our weekly meal planner. About Latest Posts Mellisa DormoyFounder of ShambalaKids, Mellisa Dormoy is on a mission to teach self esteem, stress management and goal attainment to children everywhere. As long as we help our children keep their self esteem intact, it is MUCH easier for them as they grow and change. Just last night he came to me as I was brushing my teeth and showed me his hand COVERED with so much lotion all I could see was WHITE!
So with ADHD parenting, I feel like we have to de-stress ourselves and then we also must help our children deal with the ADHD and learn to recognize and use it’s strengths to their advantage!
This book addresses common issues for the middle schooler: motivation, goal setting, time management, and controlling anger. Indian Creek School values, celebrates, and respects diversity in race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic means, abilities, affinities, and learning strengths.
In keeping with its Philosophy and Mission, Indian Creek School sees value in all students, regardless of their background, and value for all students when they are provided with a rich and diverse community. The Evergreen Campus Diversity Director facilitates Diversity lessons for Lower and Middle School students. In the Early Childhood and Lower School programs, the Diversity Director is available as a resource to visit classrooms with lessons that coordinate with literature, social studies, or character education units.
Beginning in 5th Grade and continuing through the Middle School, some diversity lessons are tied in with the Human Development curriculum. Human Development classes also include lessons in diversity in the Upper School, and these conversations are continued in other classrooms, on sports teams, and in after school programs and clubs. Our group met at the Windsor Rec Center for lessons that emphasized health and positive self-esteem and for activities including running, yoga, obstacle course, and climbing wall. Thank you to the other amazing coaches: Melissa, Amy, Michelle, Katie B, Katie C, and Alison!

Kids learn about many different instruments, from saxophones and piano to violin and drums. A-Chord with Kids was founded in 2012 to help children build confidence and self-esteem through musical education, participation and performance. The Carver Center is the primary community-based organization in the village of Port Chester, New York. In early 2014, we turned "A-Chord with Kids" into an official service club at Rye Country Day School so that it would continue after our student volunteers graduate and move on to college. A child receives both positive and negative messages from others around him depending on how well they fit into society.
These messages from adults and peers often evolve into the negative self-talk we read about in many self-help books today. They often need hands-on interactive learning, are talkative and social, and need to move around to learn best. When we begin to see the gifts in our children, our world and theirs can completely turn around. These easy-to-use methods incorporate the power of deep relaxation while utilizing the active ADHD imagination.
Most importantly, your ADHD child will be equipped with the tools he needs for developing a positive self-image and high self-esteem. She’s the author of Guided Imagery Work with Kids, for teachers and professionals and Imagine That! What I really am grateful for is that ADHD helps us begin to see life differently and each child as completely and utterly unique. One of the key things I have taught my own 11 year old ADHD child is that we MUST learn to laugh at life and not take things so seriously. Teacher resource material and student reproducible pages designed to nudge students toward personal responsibility are included. The School’s formal diversity program begins when students are in Pre-Kindergarten, and extends through the Upper School. The Director provides a monthly school-wide diversity calendar as well as weekly articles that highlight a variety of issues to faculty.
This begins with a program on self-esteem and body image for 5th Grade girls, which is reinforced in 6th Grade Human Development. The key to having a safe learning environment is to ensure that students and their families are informed, and the community strives to give everyone a voice, without judgment. We capped off the season with a pre-race pasta dinner before finishing the Human Race 5K in Fort Collins!

The Center offers programs and resources designed to meet the educational, recreational, cultural and civic needs of children, youth and adults, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of underprivileged youth. Once this all too common downward spiral begins, ADHD kids often feel they can’t do anything right. Laughter reduces stress and produces endorphins; the “feel good” chemicals in the brain that makes us feel happier. She has times where she struggles, but she does her best to overcome the hurdles she faces.
We will keep up on our always evolving teacher supplies catalog and all of our latest free educational apps!. Diversity is approached in an interdisciplinary manner, tying in with other lessons in different subject areas. Additionally, students celebrate Kindness Week and can join Friendship clubs run by the Diversity office. The 6th Grade is also addressed as part of the 6th Grade Literature and Social Studies class, in which students view a video of the Children’s March before reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. The Upper School Diversity Coordinator assists students, faculty and staff, and families in assuring that Indian Creek makes every effort to be inclusive of every member of the community. ADHD kids really give us the gift of helping us understand that not everything needs to fit perfectly into society’s mold. Using these techniques go right to the heart of the matter – the subconscious mind and help develop new responses and new positive ways of thinking. This reinforces with students the notion that diversity is not simply a topic of its own, but is important to and intertwined in everything they do. Not only do they push us out of our comfort zone, but also give us the gift of personal growth if we allow it. Children who are taught this skill can use it as a tool when necessary to release tension and stress and better handle situations that come in life. He shared it with me and then we had to cream up our arms as well because there was so much! My point is, in simple moments like these, we have the opportunity to show them that things happen, it’s not a huge deal.

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