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According to new research commissioned by Dove, a lack of self-esteem among 11-17 year old girls prevents them from realising their full potential, with huge consequences for their personal and professional future.
The research revealed that lowered self-esteem among today's girls and young women could, by 2050, be costing the nation:14% of our female managers in UK businesses16% of our British female Olympic medalists21% of our female MPs17% of female doctors & lawyersAnd reduce the chance of a female Prime Minister in the UK before 2050 by 18%The study reveals the shocking impact of low self-esteem, with the business world looking set to suffer. Low self-esteem affects how young girls feel about their future careers with only one in three feeling confident they will have a successful career in the future.
The shocking discontentment felt amongst young girls about their appearance is at the heart of the issue. As a brand that is dedicated to building positive self-esteem, Dove has developed the 2012 Campaign for Dove Self-Esteem Programme (DSEP) to make a real change to the way young girls perceive and embrace beauty. Through the DSEP, Dove will be reaching out to young people in the UK through self-esteem workshops, which will be held in schools all over the country. Ali Fisher, Dove Marketing Manager says "We are passionate about our social mission and want to continue to help young girls and women develop a positive relationship with their bodies. Dove has also worked with some of its most accomplished supporters to highlight how low-self esteem issues, if not addressed at an early age can impact the number of successful women in the future. Karen Gill and Maxine Benson from Everywoman (an organisation that challenges and changes the mindsets of women in business) said they were saddened by the research but said it was repairable, "It should be every woman's mission to help eradicate self-esteem issues and this is why we are so passionate about the Dove Self-Esteem Programme". With just over half (53%) of all girls believing that they would be happier if they were more beautiful, the reward for closing the self-esteem gap has never been so great, whilst the danger of failing to do so, equally profound. If you wish to recieve a copy of our monthly eNewsletter, please click here to register as a FREE member.
Offering workshops and seminars in Cultural Diversity, Workplace Communication and Relationship Building. All workshops and seminars can be customized to your organization, including materials to make workshops 100% company relevant. At the same time, many in the Millennial generation are already functioning in mid-management positions. Real Colors empowers participants by teaching effective communication skills to help employees understand their own behavior and the behavior of others. One of the greatest roadblocks an individual can encounter is not understanding or appreciating the “diversity” of others.
This session gives both managers and employees specific tools to help them turn uncomfortable situations into learning opportunities.
Bullying in the workplace is not a new problem, but only recently has the epidemic of bullying at work been seriously recognized and measured. This seminar allows participants to 1) recognize what constitutes bullying, and 2) the steps to take in addressing the problem behaviors. Schedule day of “It’s Your Life” as we speak about issues females often battle with such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress Symptoms, Unhealthy dieting, & much more! For the first time in history, 5 generational cohorts are present in the workplace at the same time. Almost all organizations recognize the importance of teaching employees to recognize and avoid harassment behaviors in the workplace. The principles that are taught in Real Colors® have given me a better understanding of the people I work with. If it’s something you usually avoid or if you find it too hard, stop being so harsh with yourself! These type of question are all well and great – especially when you want to dig deep, have the space and time to meditate, and wonder on the answers – but they’re also great focus and attention grabbers too. The problem is, we often worry SO much; we inadvertently end up avoiding ANY path and end up doing nothing at all!

Do you spend your week waiting for Friday to get here?  When it’s finally here, do you breathe a deep breath out and thank God it’s arrived? Kids are born with everything they need to grow into confident, self-assured, well-rounded adults….
We should not be teaching kids to get validation for their self-worth from a gold star sticker.
Heather Paris inspires people all over the world to create happier lives through talks, workshops, blog posts, and her book, Live Inspired Now; A Field Guide For Happiness.
As part of my Live, Laugh, Love series, I want to explore the theme on a deeper level, and share through my own personal experiences of how I learned to self-love.
I have heard women ask the question, why doesn’t she just leave him…or, Girl, I would have left the first time he hit me.
The light finally shined for me, and my Golden Day came (long before Jill Scott wrote her song), when I began to look in the mirror, meditate and pray constantly for the courage and the strength to walk away – I prayed for my Golden Day, and it started to appear in my mind brighter and brighter each day. As Dove launches the 2012 campaign for Dove Self-Esteem Programme (DSEP), the extent of the issue has become clear. If the status quo remains, the UK could be deprived of 200,000 female business professionals and 42,000 successful female entrepreneurs by 2050.
Self and body-esteem issues could mean an estimated two to three potential female medalists drop out of sport and as a result, never step onto the winner's podium in future games. This has a huge impact on the medical and legal professions with the potential number of female doctors and lawyers reducing by 17%.
Nearly half (45%) describe themselves as 'average' and 'ordinary' with a further 10% feeling 'plain', 'unattractive' and 'ugly'. Any Dove product bought between 26th March - 15th May 2012 will help to give a girl a self-esteem education. We've already reached over 800,000 young people in the UK as part of our Dove Self-Esteem Programme and our aim is to reach 1 million by the end of 2012. Successful women such as Chemmy Allcott (Olympic skier), Michelle McDowell (Civil Engineer and MBE), Jane Fallon (Author) and Karen Gill and Maxine Benson (MBE & founders of Everywoman) have been photographed by Rankin with their younger aspiring counterparts to highlight the importance of raising self-esteem among young girls and to ensure aspirations for future generations. As these dynamics cross paths, what can we collectively and individually learn from one another?
Diversity Awareness generates improved workplace morale, stronger teaming, and an increased atmosphere of understanding and respect. Conservative estimates put the loss in company productivity from bullying at over a billion dollars in the United States every year. Each of these groups has a different set of expectations, as well as sharply different needs and demands. I have become more patient and calm with my staff, committee members and my family after going through this valuable course. She is an excellent teacher, with a deep and thorough knowledge of both her subject, and human beings.
Those thought-provoking questions that have us exploring deep inside us, deep inside our being.
Whether you’re working on your confidence or learning how to play a musical instrument, you need to have additional help and support.
We worry that we’ll never get that ‘a-ha’ moment of clarity or that sudden light bulb of clarity above our head. It’s about waking up each morning welcoming the glorious day ahead, full of excitement and anticipation.
They are good and worthy just because they exist, yet we teach them that their only worth is when the parents or teachers are pleased with them.

Yes, we want to teach kids generosity and compassion, but not at the expense of their own feelings or happiness.
For more information about transforming your relationship, family, or your life, contact Heather today! Our goal is to gain an understanding and put into practice what it really means to “Live, Laugh, and Love”. Well, it is not narcissism and definitely not about self-pleasures…let’s keep it out of the gutter.  Self-love is about owning up to your choices, self-worth and learning to find the true inner you. When I finally left, I never looked back and through self-talk, meditation and many prayers, I developed an infinitely strong self-worth, never to look for it in anyone else’s pocket ever again. Treating your inner and outer body like a temple – take care of yourself through good nutrition, rest and pamper yourself as often as you can afford. My purpose and mission is to empower women to believe in their dreams and life passions, by learning to embrace and loving yourself inside out. This will be delivered through a Dove donation of a minimum of £250,000 to BEAT (the UK's leading charity for those affected by eating disorders) to deliver workshops in schools.
Declines in employee morale, greater rates of employee turnover, losses in productivity, increased health problems and sick days, and damage to organizational reputation are just some of the many problems bullying in the workplace may cause. Employers who cannot recognize these differences often lose their best employees and see their workplaces in turmoil. It is by far the most effective and useful curriculum I have ever encountered on the subject of human behavior. This is especially important when you’re stepping into unknown territory or attempting to stretch your comfort zone.
We WANT to be liked and strive to be accepted by our peers – and we feel especially vulnerable and sensitive when we are attempting new things and evolving who we are.
We want reassurance that we’re making the right decisions AND we want to ensure we’re taking the right steps. They love to see themselves in mirrors, they make silly faces at themselves, they smile, laugh, and dance without a care in the world.
A great example I care share with you took place in my early twenties after giving birth to my first child; it took me five years of being a victim of domestic violence for the sake of my child and wanting her father to be there full-time, before I finally woke-up to find my self-worth gone. Looking back now, I realized that I allowed this person to control and steal my self-worth and identity. Recognize how your management approach can adapt to meet the need for coaching, managing and retaining employees of different generations. Many people tried to rescue me, only for me to believe the lies and return for more abuse – physical, emotional and mental.
You have the power to change YOU regardless of past circumstances – seek life-coaches, ministers, therapist and healers. As the Traditional and Boomer generations hold many of the executive management positions and they near retirement age, are we ready for the transfer of power? Let’s start to raise the standard of confidence, worth, respect, altruism, and self-esteem in our society! My passions are creative writing, healthy cooking, healthy relationships and life coaching other women in helping them to “rise-above” life’s challenges and obstacles to become dream achiever’s. This workshop explores root causes of violent behavior in the workplace while also identifying strategies to help prevent violence.

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