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The Arbutus cabin, overlooking the garden, features 1 Queen bed and 2 twin beds and has a private bathroom. Let the Healing Journey Meditation Take You There – No lessons required, just watch and follow along. Developed by a Meditation Master, who spent 40 years uncovering the secrets of combining the Science of the West with the Spirituality of the East to master Theta Brainwave Entrainment to claim your birthright of optimal health and well being.
The music is recorded at a frequency in order to bring you to a deep state of meditation just like a Tibetan Monk. Open you up to your creativity, a relaxed state, a healing mode and a setting for improved learning.
Over the past fifty years, scientific research has begun to prove the many benefits of meditation for physical and mental health. The authors of research published in the July Journal of Psychiatric Practice tell us that, “Zen meditation and mindfulness are beneficial for general psychological health and stress management in those with medical and psychiatric illness.” This includes the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression, three of the most commonly experienced mental health complications. The truth is that medication and mindfulness is more effective for curing and healing many health complications than prescription medication.
Perhaps the most amazing revelation is that it doesn’t take considerable effort to see these health benefits. Meditation offers your mind a moment in which to escape from those corrosive doubts, worries, anxieties, and negativities. Over the past ten years top-level dialogues have been taking place between the Dalai Lama and brain researchers from the leading universities around the world. Negative thoughts lead to extreme activation of certain regions of the brain, including the amygala and the right prefrontal cortex. Eckhart Tolle advocates the use of a specific type of body scan meditation for complete healing. Though there are many different types of meditation, Eckhart Tolle recommends the following technique on his blog. When you have a few minutes in which you will not be disturbed, find a comfortable position lying down flat on your back. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or stress, there are many different techniques you can use.
If you are suffering from a muscular pain, you will find body scan meditation very helpful.
If you believe in the use of mudras, you will find this list of ten powerful healing mudras very helpful.

Finally, if you would like to gain complete knowledge and master of meditation you will find my new book Welcome To Silence: A Practical Guide To Mindfulness And Meditation essential reading. An astronomical amount of top-end research has gone into validating the effectiveness of meditation as a health and healing practice. The research includes proof that meditation can heal: headaches, migraines, asthma, obesity, depression, anxiety, hypertension, HIV, PMS, IBS, and even breast cancer. If your mind focuses on negativity, on fear, anxiety, stress, self criticism, or other negatives, your mind will take a negative shape.
The research shows that as little as eight weeks of mindfulness meditation will create positive structural changes in the hippocampus. Already health organisations around the world have begun to replace medication with meditation. Positive moods quiet these areas, allowing them to relax, and instead the left prefrontal cortex becomes more active. Eckhart Tolle says, “The more consciousness you bring into the body, the stronger the immune system becomes… This is a potent form of self-healing. If you have a specific complication you may find the following meditation techniques helpful.
I personally suggest using Anapanasati breathing meditation and Loving Kindness Meditation.
It is only over the past half century, however, that Western society has begun to catch up. If you spent sixteen hours a day running on concrete, your legs would very quickly deteriorate until you were no longer able to walk.
Rick Hanson, founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience, tells us, “Mental activity requires neural activity; neural activity sculpts neural structure. This leads the mind to calm and helps to heighten the effectiveness of the immune system, leading to improved overall health and less risk of illness and disease. Richard Davidson, director of the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin, and the Dalai Lama.
In addition to this, meditation also offers you the opportunity to connect to your higher spiritual self and Your mind is your instrument…learn to be its master otherwise suffer as its slaveassists you in gaining an overall balance within your life, all in all making for an improved, more refined you.
As new neurons form constantly, changes in the mind associated with changes in the neural system leave lasting traces in the structure of the brain. Meditation can literally be summed-up as “Just sensing.” You’re not thinking, you’re not judging anything, you’re not worrying.

He discovered that monks had higher activity in the brain regions related to positive moods.
Today’s modern word is an understandably hectic place however, by dedicating a short amount of time towards a regular meditation or deep relaxation programme, over time you will notice an improvement in many areas of your life, including an improvement to your energy levels. Meditation is one of the simplest, yet most powerful ways of taking control of your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your energy levels and your higher spiritual self, all resulting in an improved you.Ways to meditateThere are a few different ways in which you can meditate.
There will also be a softly spoken female, or male if you prefer, who soothingly speaks to you while you relax, helping create a visualisation of a quiet, peaceful and tranquil place. If you don’t have a guided meditation track to listen to you will need to picture a calm and peaceful scene in your mind, such as a forest, a lake, a waterfall or anything else that makes you feel calm and at peaceTry to feel everything about that scene. Ideally, regular meditation of at least 20 minutes is best but even 5 minutes will have a positive overall effect on your four energy systems. When it comes to returning to your full wide awake self, take your time to gentle come back into the room. If you visualised yourself walking through a scene of nature, now visualise yourself walking back the way you just came. Become aware of all the sensations on your body and be aware of your breath as your lungs fill up and then exhale.
As your mind begins to return to where you are sitting, or lying, be aware that at any time, when you wish to, whenever you need to feel calm and relaxed and stress free, you can visualise the path you took in your meditation and immediately return yourself to that place of calm and tranquillity and that every breath you inhale fills your body with positive energies and then exhales the negative energy that may be accumulated within yourself.
When you are back in the room fully, open your eyes, sit up and enjoy what will be a wonderful sensation.Your brain wave frequenciesMeditation works by assisting you in controlling the brain wave patterns within your brain. Your brain operates on either Alpha, Beta, Theta or Delta brain wave frequencies and these different frequencies are associated with different mental states of consciousness.Your Beta wave patterns represent the most intense state of alertness and heightened mental activity. Your brain will be operating on a Beta frequency while you are awake and this gives your brain maximum power to absorb all the information it needs to from your five senses and the world around you.Your Alpha brain wave patterns are associated with a relaxed state of mind, relaxed, however still mental conscious and alert.
At the heart of Ricky's mission lies a calling to help humanity realize its potential by reconnecting with the Love & Compassion awaiting within our hearts.

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