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As Alternatives Credit Union has grown and changed, our use of the Credit Path model of financial empowerment has changed as well. The Credit Path model has provided Alternatives with guidance in designing products and services to meet members’ needs at their different points along the path, and help them progress towards successful asset ownership. As shown in our drawing of the Credit Path, progress can be slow, and missteps can prevent people from moving ahead. We are now moving towards development of the Credit Path as a replicable model that other organizations can use to help promote financial advancement for their members. Transactor: For our poorest members, those who are new to the banking system, immigrants, and others who need access to basic financial services. Saver: We provide incentives for this traditional credit union market by paying interest on all accounts with a $5 minimum balance and charging no monthly fees.
Owner: Learning to save and developing a good credit record help people move towards becoming owners of homes or businesses.

Alternatives Federal Credit Union ("Alternatives") provides a hyperlink to Google Translatea„? for convenience only and without any responsibility for the accuracy of translations. Originally developed by Bill Myers as a way of understanding our members’ financial situations and incorporating that into our business planning, the Credit Path describes where people are situated at various points along a continuum between poverty and self-sufficiency. Over the years since the Credit Path model was developed, government policies have moved the country towards greater financial inequities.
We offer a variety of home and business loan products, many to members who started at the beginning of the Credit Path. Alternatives has no control over this unrelated, free and entirely computerized translation program.
Our job, as a community development financial institution, is to help our members move along that continuum by empowering them to make decisions, and offering opportunities, that will move them towards financial self-sufficiency. The growth of predatory lending practices has made it more difficult for low-income families to move along the path.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) significantly expand the likelihood of success at this stage by providing both a savings match and financial education.
New in 2003, a short-term loan for those who used our free income tax preparation services and wanted quick access to their tax refund. Computerized translations are only an attempted approximation of the websitea€™s original content and thus Alternatives makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any translations. One of our goals is to help members avoid the high rates and endless refinancing of predatory lenders.
Much of our lending at this stage is consumer lending: cars, personal loans, VISA cards and lines of credit.

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