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Not content with renovating empty properties in Stockton and Middlesborough, a group of people from Community Campus have just returned from a working trip to India, where they oversaw the building of a meeting room for a small rural community. is the only website dedicated to promoting and supporting self-help housing initiatives. It provides community based organisations of one sort or another, who are perhaps unable to access mainstream housing for their members or clients, or who want to tackle local problems arising from empty property, with the tools to take on and make use of the increasing number of empty properties in our cities, towns and villages. Click here to download our pdf leaflet about self-help housing and feel free to circulate it to anyone who might be interested. Canopy Housing Project from Leeds and Giroscope from Hull have jointly won the BSHF World Habitat Housing Award for 2015-16.
Depending on how much money you have to carry out any necessary repairs, you may be able to rely entirely on paying builders, alternatively you may have to undertake some or all of the work yourselves. Section 4.4 “Organising Repairs To Properties” looks at how to go about actually getting repairs done, this section looks at the logistics of using people as volunteers.

If you’re going to make use of volunteer labour then there are a number of things that you ought to take into account. Induction: when they start working on the project make sure that they understand what expected of them and how it’s run.
Training: ensure that they’ve been instructed in relation to the tasks that they’re expected to carry out. You may want to draw up a volunteer agreement (but not a contract!) which will set out the organisation’s commitment to its volunteers, and what it can expect from its volunteers in return. Generally speaking you can do as much voluntary work as you like and your benefits will not be affected.
If you are on Jobseekers Allowance you must still be actively seeking work and sign on every two weeks.
As a volunteer, you are not allowed to receive any money except your actual out of pocket expenses for things like travel.

It’s the first time that this range of information has been brought together in one place where it can be accessed by anyone. You need to make sure that they understand properly what they’re being asked to do and that they are being properly looked after. You must also be willing to attend a job interview at 48 hours’ notice from the Jobcentre and be willing to start a job within 7 days if it is offered to you.

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