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Trance is a state of mind in which suggestions are acted upon much more powerfully than is possible under normal conditions. The aim of this workshop is to teach you how to enter into a hypnotic trance as well as how to use this natural state of heightened awareness. Hypnosis and the natural birth debate: More and more women are opting to give birth under self hypnosis, but does it work?
When she recalls giving birth to her first child, Victoria Parrott sounds as if she is describing nothing more taxing than having a manicure.
It is the kind of story that will raise the hackles of most mothers, especially those still haunted by lengthy labours spent in unimaginable agony or dogged by misplaced feelings of failure because they asked for pain relief - the only way to put an end to their torment. But Victoria is among a growing number of mothers turning to what has been dubbed 'hypnobirthing'. Yesterday, the Mail told the story of 30-year- old Louise Walker who, having attempted to give birth naturally, turned to a hypnotist in desperation six hours into her labour.
But as inspirational as such stories may seem, there are fears that, thanks to Britain's multi-million pound ante-natal industry, giving birth in the 21st century has become something of a competition. Maureen Treadwell, director of the Birth Trauma Association, says: 'The pressure put on women these days to have a "natural" childbirth is horrendous. Pregnant with her first child, Victoria Parrott was terrified by the prospect of giving birth and had planned to ask for as much pain relief as possible.
But then a friend mentioned 'hypnobirthing' and, intrigued, Victoria and her company director husband, Thomas, 36, decided to enroll in a class run by hypnotherapist Tamara Cianfini near their home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
Convinced she had discovered the secret to a painless birth, Victoria booked Tamara to attend during labour - at a cost of A?700. Eventually, seven hours before the birth, Victoria went to hospital in Stevenage with Tamara, a mother of two who gave birth to her second baby during a pain-free hypnobirth.
Hannah Sherlock, a 39-year-old company director from Brighton, admits that despite begging her midwife for gas and air, she was reminded of the 'birth plan' she had written before the labour. She says: 'Before the births, I watched some incredible hypnobirthing clips where women made no sounds at all and popped their babies out without so much as a squeak.
Sophie and her 33-year-old sales director husband Warren discovered hypnobirthing when she began yoga to keep fit while pregnant with Evie. In the end, of course, anything that offers the prospect of easing the pain of childbirth should not be ignored. But nor should women who are honest enough to admit they went through agony for their children be made to suffer in silence. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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Hypnosis is often described as a state of deep relaxation where you experience a heightened level of awareness, coupled with a narrowing focus of attention. Well if we naturally know how to go into a trance all by ourselves, self-hypnosis is doing it on purpose, for a purpose. Imagine taking the steps down, counting backwards from ten to one, feeling your body relax, more and more with each step, feel yourself just drift down, relaxing even deeper with each step.
When you're in your deepened trance state you may just want to enjoy being there, but you could also start using your goal statement, making it as vivid as possible in your imagination. Begin to count from one to ten, and as you count from one to ten you can begin coming back to full consciousness. All over the internet you'll find self-hypnosis downloads available but can you really trust them to do what they say they do? Choosing HypnosisDownloads as our preferred providor means that we are happy to suggest them to you, as they do exactly as they say on the tin.
You will love the way you feel after using one of their self hypnosis downloads - or they will give you your money back. It is a natural normal sate of mind you can use to instruct and direct your sub-conscious mind and body.
In trance you are conscious of the outside world and you react to it if you choose to do so.
Two weeks ago she gave birth, assisted by a therapist who taught her self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques.
Then these money-making businesses are applauding women for going without pain relief, as if they were in some sort of contest. I would tell myself "I trust my body to birth my baby" and "my body can confidently birth my baby". But I didn't want to have anything unnatural and, as tests showed Martha was fine, I laboured at home for over two days.
But I feel sure that without hypnobirthing I would have ended up with an epidural and a caesarean.' Aside from the cost of hiring a hypnotherapist, which would be prohibitive for many mothers, it is impossible not to question whether this latest birthing trend is simply adding to the pressure that expectant mothers already face. I put myself into a trance in the way I'd practised by focusing my mind acutely on what my body was doing. Sophie Campbell with her children Evie (left) and Louie, was disappointed by hypnobirthing'My surges weren't completely pain free,' she admits. Portrait photographer Sophie Connell, 28, from Potters Bar, Herts, tried hypnotherapy while giving birth to both of her children - Evie, two, and Louie, nine months - and was left disappointed. The benefit of the downloads is the price (all downloads are temporarily on sale for $12.77 instead of their normal $17.77) plus, you don't have to pay for shipping either!
A large part of it is because of their attitudes towards wealth, health, happiness and prosperity.

You don’t have to listen to this CD first, but it will help to train you to achieve a hypnotic state more and more quickly with each session. But the only way to change your weight on a permanent basis is to change your habits and your relationship with food.
The world we live in today lends itself to stress, but we don’t have to give in to it.
So, in essence, these daily trances are just that - when you allow your consciousness to detach from the reality of your surroundings and drift away to some other time, place or event - simple! Self-hypnosis is useful for boosting confidence, encouraging a healthier lifestyle or improving performance. Use a position that you'll find comfortable for all the time you're going to hypnotise yourself. Progressively relax all your muscles from head to toe (or toe to head, whichever you prefer). If it's somewhere you can feel something, feel it, do the same with taste and hearing if possible, i.e.
You will come back feeling as refreshed as if you had had a long rest, feeling alert and relaxed. And, as well as listening from your computer, you can copy your MP3 audio onto CD, MP3 player, DVD or tape. We all have the abilities to reduce stress, counter pain, conquer fear, overcome allergies, and learn new behaviours. Armed with a growing portfolio of success stories, birth hypnotherapists are popping up everywhere, promising pregnant clients the delivery of their dreams.
In the 12 years since this book was first published, not one single copy has ever been returned & the first edition sold out without one single paid advertisement!
This recording will help you achieve a deep, relaxing, meditative state and you will feel the stress leave your body. It's packed full of great ideas on how to get you EXCITED about your classes, plus great tips that will help you become a MORE EFFICIENT student.
We guarantee you'll get way more than $5 worth of information out of this book or your money back. You can lie on your bed, but if that makes you want to go to sleep, best choose another spot. You can imagine it to be any place you choose, like a beach and ocean with clean, fresh air, or any place that fits your ideal.
Trust that you have handed it over to your unconscious mind, and that this wise part of you will now solve the problem. All of their hypnotherapy downloads have been carefully crafted by professional hypnotherapist educators with aA proven track record,A and since 2003 over 500,000 have been downloaded. Imagine yourself there and feel that sense of peace flow through you and enjoy these positive feelings and keep them with you along after the session is completed.
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