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When doing anger management I like to add in games that can help with this and to see how everyone interacts with each other. Exercise in twos a€“ one person is asking the other questions and the other is saying no to everything, giving dirty looks or is not interested at all. I am then going to keep them in twos and I am going to give them each a scenario to do, e.g. When doing a topic like self image over a number of weeks I like to give the participants a chance to express what they have learnt through a variety of styles as I know that we are all gifted in different areas. The sample session below looks at the gifting within the group and they can write, draw, write lyrics or dramatise what they have learnt in previous weeks about self-image. Then do a rhythm circle so someone starts off with a rhythm then others join in when they feel ready, clapping etc direct for them to go louder and then quieter.

Our Self-Image Workshop and Self-Image Development Workshop can last anything from 3 hours to full days depending on the requirements. Again, I am open to what you require for this workshop, we all deal with anger in various ways so if you want me to focus on certain ways or do an over view I am happy to do what is required.
I will watch their reactions and introduce forum theatre again using the other members of the group to try and think of ideas to make the situation better.
We also offer Anger Management and Healthy Eating Workshops but if you are interested in any other Workshops, please e-mail Donna your suggestions and where able she will try to accommodate your needs. Toni Rodriguez at Art Movement Studios for only 2,700 pesos.This workshop will teach you the basics of makeup application up to advance tricks and tips to create looks for all occasions.
We are then going to flip it so that the person is enthusiastic all the time saying yes to everything.

Toni Rodriguez will show you how to work around with your face and skin type to come up with the best makeup look that suits you. Youa€™ll definitely acquire a lot of skills after your session; ita€™s like youa€™ve been trained in a beauty school.

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