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Sign up for topics of your choice: self-esteem, confidence, success, eliminating stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and insecurity in relationships. Living life is the most beautiful gift you will ever have, but what is the point in living life without enjoying it maximum?
About ProtistaFounded in 2013, Protista is the perfect place for you if you want to learn something new and interesting. And psst…at the end of this post there is a special bonus: 16 more self-improvement ideas from military spouses, who just like you, have been there! All of these ideas are things I’ve done in the past and really enjoyed (blogging is probably my favorite!) or things that I hope to do very soon in the future! Take the leap with us and grab your copy of Modern Military Spouse: The Ultimate Military Life Guide for Military Spouses and Significant Others. About Lauren TammI'm Lauren and I write about my crazy parenting adventures, discovering happiness in motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life.
My husband hasn’t deployed yet, but will soon and has been on a lot of underways so we do spend a lot of time without each other. A business partner and I have worked really hard and were able to get funding for a restaurant we have always wanted to create.
I realize that this isn’t always possible for those who have kids etc, but it really helps to spend that time getting out of my comfort zone and being in a totally different place. If I didn’t have this opportunity, I would fill my time taking classes and writing books on health, fitness and food and figure out how to make income in a mobile setting so I could travel anywhere with my business. I’m really sad that we are apart from each other a lot, but turning the situation into something that works for ME was the best medicine. Funny words of wisdom and funny inspirational quotes about life spread a smile on our face while opening the doors straight to the heart. Humor, laughter, a genuine smile - so simple, yet so powerful.The power of humor comes from its ability to take us immediately out-of-the-mind. Personal Change We can be taught but we still won't change Most of us make the mistake of assuming that self improvement advice and personal change is all skills based and can be taught.
Personal motivation A good starting point for self improvement advice is to consider why it is that we feel the need for self motivation tips? I'm delighted to report that another mum has already been inspired by our Mums' Reward Charts!

One of the things I have always wanted to do is write a set of childrens books (so this would come under self improvement on my chart). Coincidentally, I received a #FF (Follow Friday) on Twitter from a name I didn't recognize. After exchanging a few tweets I boldly (for me) asked if he would be interested in a Question and Answer blog post. No I had no idea how they would be received  you never do, and the reaction to all my books has been truly staggering and humbling. I sent off a couple of stories to publishers and was very fortunate to get a deal very quickly, but it's been a real learning curve since. I must say, I feel quite inspired and positive that maybe this isn't a goal beyond my reach, as I once thought.
I would also like to thank Pippa at Story of Mum for another inspirational, soul searching month on my quest for a better, brighter me. We're hosting a small group retreat from Wednesday 11th to Thursday 12th May at a spectacular Cornwall location, and a day retreat on the Wednesday. My husband and I have two gorgeous children, Olivia who is 2 and Adam who is 7 months and we live in Scotland with Bella the dog!
But in interest of fair disclosure,please be aware that we may earn a commission from some of the offerings on our site. Knowing the requirements and expectations of all those who prefer to spend their time quality, and also to learn and find out something more, we will try to make a mix of content that fulfills the criteria for fun and quality time spent on the Internet.
So if you are a military spouse and find yourself in a similar situation, here are a ton of awesome military deployment self-improvement ideas to get you started.
I know many military spouses try to become healthier during deployment, and a great way to make sure you stick to it is through a meal planning service.
If you find your faraway friendships becoming increasingly distant, now is a great time to focus on them. When I first started blogging, I signed up with Bluehost, which is a totally awesome company for anyone getting started. Since I knew this situation was going to last a few years before he went on to shore duty, I decided to make the best of it by going on a deployment of my own. Around here I write about practical parenting, enjoying motherhood, and navigating the ups and downs of military life.

We change and marvel at how easily change has actually come our way.Funny words of wisdom, or funny wisdom quotes, are an incredible gift.
The lovely Kat Pearce took a first step towards her dream of becoming a childrens' book author by interviewing award-winning author Giles Paley-Phillips. With that in mind, I would like to thank Giles for his time in answering my questions and also sending me a copy of his fabulous new book, Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball.
This month we're encouraging mums to make Mums' Reward Charts - because mums deserve gold stars too.
This can work wonders on nurturing your spirit and help you to surround yourself with positive people.
For awesome tips on home organization, check out my Pinterest board, and then treat yourself to a fabulous monthly planner to help stay organized. It literally only takes a few minutes and costs a few bucks a month to register and maintain your own website. That’s why my friends JD, Jo and I wrote a simplified step-by-step guide for military spouses. One thing that really helped me was living with a friend during deployment (pre-kids) and we did a bucket list together. When a joke is analyzed - once it's returned to the confines of the mind - the humor in it instantly dies.The same is true for wisdom.
I put "self improvement" on my chart as I never make any time to follow my interests or dreams and it's about time I did!
It was really inexpensive, and it helped me commit to something I wanted to learn for a long time.
After you create a website name and sign up with Bluehost you can do a simple install of WordPress through them. It’s time to take the guesswork out of military life and start making things easier on ourselves.
Once you are set up, you can try out a free WordPress theme (what makes your blog look pretty) for a while to see how you like it.

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