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A successful food safety intervention must be based on firm theories and a consideration of all relevant variables.
Folklorama in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a 14-day temporary food service event that explores the many different cultural realms of food, food preparation, and entertainment. This entry was posted in Food Safety Policy, Restaurant Inspection and tagged compel, effectiveness, food safety, restaurant inspection, Training by Doug Powell.
The remarkable SCT - Self Contained Tensioner (formerly known as The Biach SCT) brings greater safety, reduces manpower and shortens downtime to a critical task. High Pressure Safety Valve to cease high pressure operation as a secondary system to electronic overstroke limit switch in preventing piston overstroke. Built in Elongation Monitoring System (EMS) provides instant elongation reading feedback which allows immediate re-tensioning if reading is out-of-spec and eliminates need to perform trim adjusting passes upon completion. Ram Actuators for piston return process eliminates potential of hydraulic leakage at tensioner top plate during piston return phase due to flange rotation conditions. Digital Torque MultiplierThe Sweeney Digital Torque Multiplier Series was developed to perform high tolerance bolt up and break out operations. Regulations are statutory instruments which are mandated under primary legislation and are designed to give effect to it.
The Disability Federation of Ireland is a company limited by guarantee not having share capital, registered in Dublin.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the extent of improvement in food safety knowledge and practices of food handlers in primary school canteens through food safety training. The training programme for the intervention group and questionnaires for evaluating knowledge and practices were developed. Provision of food safety training grounded by the theory of planned behaviour was associated with significantly improved food safety knowledge and behaviour amongst food handlers.
In 2010, the Russian pavilion at Folklorama was implicated in a foodborne outbreak of Escherichia coli O157 that caused 37 illnesses and 18 hospitalizations.
Does not require any air supply or create any air born contamination through air exhaust systems.
On-site observations were done to assess hygienic practices during the handling of raw food and cooking equipment.
The self-reported practice score of food safety and hygiene in the intervention group was significantly higher at post1 and post2 compared to baseline. The ethnic nature and diversity of foods prepared within each pavilion presents a unique problem for food inspectors, as each culture prepares food in their own very unique way. A significant within-group and between-group improvement was demonstrated for the observed behaviour of raw food handling and equipment sanitation.
The Manitoba Department of Health and Folklorama Board of Directors realized a need to implement a food safety information delivery program that would be more effective than a 2-h food safety course delivered via PowerPoint slides.

The food operators and event coordinators of five randomly chosen pavilions selling potentially hazardous food were trained on-site, in their work environment, focusing on critical control points specific to their menu. A control group (five pavilions) did not receive on-site food safety training and were assessed concurrently. Public health inspections for all 10 pavilions were performed by Certified Public Health Inspectors employed with Manitoba Health. Critical infractions were assessed by means of standardized food protection inspection reports. The results suggest no statistically significant difference in food inspection scores between the trained and control groups. However, it was found that inspection report results increased for both the control and trained groups from the first inspection to the second, implying that public health inspections are necessary in correcting unsafe food safety practices.
The results further show that in this case, the 2-h food safety course delivered via slides was sufficient to pass public health inspections.

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