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These pages are filled with encouragement, inspiration, and insights that will help the girls in your youth ministry—or other girls in your life—explore their beauty, their worth, and their world. The goal of this youth Bible study lesson is to help the kids be able to judge themselves and others by Biblical values and to realize the difference between the worlds value system and God’s. Updated from the 1989 original, this collection gathers 44 of Yancey's most stimulating columns straight from the pages of Christianity Today. A discussion of bullying helps kids feel that you are connected in a relative way to their everyday situations. Bullies Of The Bible This lesson raises they're awareness of bullying and what constitutes bullying.
In addition, the knowledge that I am God's Son was the most influential thing that helped me stand up to belittling bullying and have a solid positive self-image. The goal of this youth Bible study lesson is to help the kids uncover hidden sins in their heart and get them out in the open between them and God. This is a two page lesson with leaders guide and a fun pre-lesson activity that has great analogies reinforcing the message. Page two: The goal of page two is to make clear what it means to repent but also to stand against the guilt that comes from the enemy over continued sin, especially sins of addiction. Guilt: This youth Bible lesson brings the truth of scripture to bear on the teen self-esteem issue of guilt and the feeling of worthlessness kids can get from their peers.
Ever watched a TV sitcom and wished that your life's problems could be fixed and answered in just 30 minutes, too? I turned the Conviction or Condemnation Bible study above into a Christmas lesson by making and handing out the Who-I-Am-In-Christ, Christmas Tree shown here. These DVD or CD messages are raw, honest, biblically grounded teaching that connect kids to a Jesus that can be trusted in the midst of even the most tragic circumstances. These books offer helpful, practical tips along with theological perspectives and additional resource suggestions.
Now leading youth ministry expert Chap Clark substantially updates and revises his groundbreaking bestseller (over 55,000 copies sold).

The goal of this youth Bible study lesson is to assure the kids of their salvation by grace, create a point of contact with kids considering suicide, and give the kids who have friends that may be considering this some tools and direction for handling it. Suicide Prevention covers the steps to identifying and preventing suicide using a Christian approach.
Compelling profiles reveal why teens kill themselves-the signs missed, the despair overlooked. Teenage depression, guilt, suicide, and self esteem are topics to which you can apply the power of the Bible. They can be taught in a variety of settings but my favorite is Sunday School or youth group in comfy old sofas.
It’s a little off our track but he talks about the animal kingdoms natural selection process of the survival of the fittest.
Distilling his extensive knowledge of theology, literature, philosophy, sociology, and history into short, pithy essays, Yancey treats you to penetrating observations on the universe, the earth, the church, and the Christian life.
Hopefully the end result will be a feeling of great relief for them and a renewed sense of fellowship with God. The lines of fellowship between God and man must remain open even when addictive behavior has yet to be conquered. We find out how to determine whether the feelings a person gets in their heart concerning their actions is from God, seeking correction, or from the enemy, trying to separate them from God.
Pepper the back of the Bible lesson with picture of the kids from previous group activities. Hurt 2.0 features a new chapter on youth at society's margins and new material on social networking and gaming.
There should be considerable preparation with your volunteers, parents, and concerned church members as outlined. Suicide is among the leading causes of death among adolescents in the United States and worldwide. Don't miss your opportunity to do some real good in teenagers lives with these youth Bible study lessons.

Gather the kids around, pass out the lesson plans and begin a heartfelt discussion on topics important to teens.
You'll have to download some pictures from the internet that I could not supply because of copyrights.
Each chapter has been thoroughly revised with new research, statistics, quotations, and documentation.
Check out my tips on using these lesson plans leading your youth group and ways to really connect with middle school kids. It explains a lot of human behavior and how our self-esteem is wrapped up in our external images if humans were simply only animals. However, when God made us in His own image, gives us a soul, we became much more than an animal. Learn what God teaches about beauty---and unlock the secrets of peace, joy, and confidence! We're broken emotionally by painful life experiences and hurtful words that others have spoken.
Learning their identity in Christ really ties into the lesson on self esteem and Christmas as the gift's Jesus brought to us.
Exploring the critical relationship between father love and security, Jenna and Max help teenage girls view themselves, God, and others through fresh eyes.
In this 5-week small group video series your students will examine the reality of our messy lives, and discover how valuable they are to God, despite their messiness. They'll investigate the wrong ways and the right ways to handle the stuff that makes life messy and causes our pain and brokenness. And all the resources are all as editable and reproducible as we can make them, so tweak away and make them yours!

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