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Life is not about discovering yourself but it all has to do with creating yourself, every moment anew. We have recently developed a great tool to support the building of self esteem and attracting desired outcomes.
In addition, parents  or teachers will be able to know their child’s self-esteem level . Starting psycho-ed groups and these could be useful…could you please e-mail them to me? Julie is founder of baby einstein and is a 2 time cancer survivor (she prefers assassin) & sold over 30 million copies of children’s books.

I am inspired everyday by the children and parents I do therapy with-- who are adjusting to the many changes resulting from a divorce in the family.
Self Esteem Videos- Daily inspirationWatch what this child diagnosed with Autism does…Have you or someone you know gotten bullied? It is true that only by applying the knowledge you possess you got real power, to be able to change your life in a desirable direction.
So I urge you to do the work and take another step in the right direction of growing your self esteem and build a happy and successful life.
It's called the Success Habits Generator, based on proven methods it guides you to install within yourself the success habits super successful people exhibit every day.

You know what, the activities you suggested are ordinary ones, but people do disregard them—not knowing how much those ordinary activities that take a few minutes of time, are actually giant canopies to get self-esteem.

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