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Yogi Bhajan often played this during classes that called for dancing on one foot at a time.
Longtime 3HO musician, Gurudass’ latest album features a version of the Wahe Guru Jio Mantra that will be sure to move your feet.
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Searching for a yoga dance playlist? There are a number of Kundalini Yoga kriyas that call for dancing.

Sometimes there will be dancing in the middle of a yoga set and other times it will be at the end. One may wonder why there would be dancing in a yoga class and what significance it has to the kriya.
The uncomfortable feeling may arise from worrying if others are watching you, thinking you are not a good dancer, etc.  Regardless of the reason, dancing can tell us a lot about ourselves and also can be very healing. Dancing also creates a feeling of emancipation, restores flow, strengthens intuition and awakens creativity. Nihal is also a writer for Spirit Voyage’s blog, a career consultant and corporate trainer.

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