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Loved this year's SG Prime from Botcon, that I decided he needed his nemesis, and I wanted one more in scale with this year's fig than just nabbing the Megatron from the 08 set.
Since Prime got upgraded into his G2 form yet kept his original SG coloring, I did the same with Megatron.
This is a great idea, and a way to say f off to them releasing it at a convention to beat the obnoxious pricing.

I happened to have this WFC Megatron in the computer desk drawer, and after getting a good look at them side by side decided that he'd do nicely. It's kind of given me the itch to do another one soonish, just need to decide who I want to do. I'd originally left it red.) Ordered a set from reprolabels that included an SG Decepticon logo and that put the final touch on the figure!

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