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What I want to do with this article is just give you a taste of a simple beginner chakra meditation. I have several recorded versions that I could upload and give to you for free, so let me know a little about what your interests are, and I’ll get one of them ready for download on this site. We will have something good in the next couple of weeks … thanks for your interest, Shaheerah.
I have found Chakra meditations to be very powerful… but I would love to learn more… please include me in your upload! So I suggest that you be less concerned about your color visualization ability, have faith in yourself, and sit in meditation more often on a regular basis, even if the the time you spend is short.
I’m still relatively new to meditation and find that guided meditation works the best for me at this time.
I am new to this and would like to explore the Meditation techniques further in my daily life.
Yoga is known as an ancient way to gain enlightenment, and some may think that yoga is reserved for the new-age hippies or the Buddhists among us.
You never really notice just how much your back muscles are being used each day until something goes wrong. Letting go is the path to freedom: It is only by letting go of the hopes, fears, the pain, the past, the stories that have a hold on us, that we can quiet our mind and open our heart. A migraine is a form of headache, throbbing, recurring headache usually on one side of the head often accompanied by nausea. Realizing a stable state of mind without facing any tensions in life is necessary with the practice of meditation.
Yoga pants are getting popular not only among Yogis (the ones who practice Yoga) but also among the ones who are looking for a comfortable pair of pants.
There are many different kinds of meditations that aim to set an intention — from forgiveness to compassion. A quick Google search on “how to meditate” will present you with 13.5 million websites and articles on the topic.
When I’m in need of some meditation inspiration, I find it helpful to revisit the clear, simple writings of some of my favorite spiritual teachers. In The Blooming of a Lotus: Guided Meditation for Achieving the Miracle of Mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh offers the following phrases which, repeated silently to yourself, serve as a gentle anchor for the mind.
The first stage is designed to bring body and mind back into oneness and at the same time to help bring us back to the present moment, to connect us with the miracle of life now occurring.

In addition to our stream of thoughts, sounds in the immediate environment are another common distraction that pops up in meditation. Annika IhnatContributor at Peaceful DumplingAnnika Ihnat is a yoga teacher and marketing communications consultant specializing in food, health and wellness. Take your attention to your root chakra (perineum).Envisage on red color and concentrate on root chakra for couple of minutes. I appreciate the simple meditation above, but find stopping and reading each step is not as convenient or easy to stay focused as a guided mediation would be. This technique focuses on all feelings and thoughts that may appear and disappear simultaneously.
This exercise trains our mind to be thankful for all occasions that may happen in our life. According to the Mayo Clinic, lower back pain is something that most people will experience at one point of their lives. Instead of performing normal meditation, a greater control is expected to achieve upon the mind with the consideration of intensive features in an exceptional manner. It is used as an aid at the time of practicing hatha yoga which prevents feet and hand from slipping during the yoga practice. For someone who’s just beginning a daily practice or looking to try a new technique, it’s a double-edged sword: The abundance of information available can be helpful and inspiring, but also completely overwhelming.
Instead of getting frustrated or beating yourself up, you can think of each time you notice the mind wandering as an opportunity to practice coming back to center (whether the object of your concentration is the breath, a focal point in the body, or otherwise). However, as Eckhart Tolle describes in Stillness Speaks and The Power of Now, noticing sounds as they enter your awareness also helps you become aware of the silence that surrounds and lies beneath every sound. Even when there is noise, you can be aware of the stillness underneath the noise, of the space in which the noise arises … Any disturbing noise can be as helpful as silence. She is passionate about helping socially conscious businesses and nonprofits expand their impact and reach. I have many more developments coming in the near future to take my wservice of helping others to the next level.
Inner balance is needed to improve the skills of all people who want to learn about this meditation technique. And giving yourself a break from information overload is probably one of the reasons you want to meditate in the first place! And since their words of wisdom arise from the same open state of awareness that we catch glimpses of in meditation, they can help guide us to that place of presence within.

We all experience monkey mind, the haphazard jumping from one random thought to another, like a monkey swinging from branch to branch.
And paying attention to silence, whether you’re in a noisy environment or a quiet one, enables us to get in touch with the stillness within ourselves. Enamored with all things yoga, she is currently teaching group classes, workshops and privates and completing a 500-hour teacher training. I would love to be included in the guided meditation so that I can listen and follow along.
By doing this meditation regularly, people can balance all things that may happen in their life every single day.
Meditation is believed as one of the most important techniques that people should do every single day. Listening to silence awakens the dimension of stillness within yourself, because it is only through stillness that you can be aware of silence. The main purpose of this technique is to be aware of all feelings or thoughts that may occur in our mind. Because of that reason, there are many people who are interested to use these techniques to start their meditation exercises. Some people may combine this technique with other technique, such as concentration meditation.
Many doctors believe that meditation can reduce the stress and depression level effectively.
Here are some recommended techniques that people can use when they want to learn how to meditate effectively. They claim that they are able to experience inner wisdom when they are able to keep their mind quiet.
Meditation is very useful to clean the mind and accept all things that may happen in our life.
It is my goal in the near future to help others rebuild their lives and handle difficult circmstances by meditating.

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