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After speaking to Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone upon entering Morthal, she mentions that strange rumors are circulating in regard to Falion's activities at night.
Falion can also be heard having a conversation with his adopted daughter, Agni, where she claims to have had "bad dreams" of him fighting monsters while she slept. If the Dragonborn waits outside of Falion's house until 01:00 AM, Falion can be seen walking into the marshes. The Jarl of Morthal can be informed of Falion's behavior and she will mention that she had a vision of this. The mask of Nahkriin may be obtained during the main quest The World-Eater's Eyrie (before the player enters Sovngarde portal). I had posted GameBanshee’s map on my Lost in the Nordic wonderland of Skyrim post, along with 30 amazing HD quality game screens from Dead End Thrills, and noticed that the majority of the search terms to the page were for Skyrim Map or some variation of it. Note: the larger views will scale to the size of your browser window or screen, however most map images are much larger, thus I have provided a link to the large file to access and download.
Amazing Skyrim screens by Dead End Thrills, see The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim category and Flickr photo set with screens available in high resolution. 80 Unique Weapons are found in Skyrim and our Unique Weapons Locations guide will show you exactly where to find each of them. Unique Weapons are generally much more powerful than ordinary weapons and all have a unique (though not necessarily great) look to them.
About the authorBy Josh Romero: He is a lover of videogames, as well as metal music, Gilmore Girls, chatting, social networking, Phoenix Suns, reading, writing and many other nerdy things. Totem you're looking for can be found in a public place (on a table for example) or hidden in a chest (screen above). After completing five small jobs for Delvin or Vex that are set in Markarth, Delvin will request that the Dragonborn travel to Markarth to find a man with great influence in the city. Speak to Delvin Mallory in the Ragged Flagon, who will direct the Dragonborn to Endon in the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth.

Find the way to the bandit's sanctuary and take the key from Rigel Strong Arm (the key is not needed, but the door that the key unlocks is locked by a Master-level lock). The Dragonborn must retrieve a silver mold from a group of bandits in Pinewatch shack just to the east of Falkreath.
To the right of the eastern bookshelf and behind the table is a small red button on the wall. This is the longest quest out of all special jobs for the Thieves Guild, unless the Dragonborn already found the mold, which makes it the shortest. Endon, a silversmith residing in Markarth, has requested assistance from the Thieves Guild.
The silver mold has been returned to Endon, and the Thieves Guild can now count on him as an influential ally in Markarth. You must complete 5 Thieves Guild extra jobs in Markarth before Delvin or Vex will give you the job.
If Rhorlak is successfully bribed during conversation, it is possible to pickpocket the  back from him, as well as a few extra  that he may have already been carrying. One of the Stones of Barenziah is inside the Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary, before the sleeping bandit, behind a locked door to the west. The dungeon offers multiple opportunities for sneaking past the bandits if you don't feel like killing them.
The treasury room contains a chest of leveled goods, different types of ore, silver and gold ingots, gems and a good amount of gold so you will be paid for your efforts. Depending on how much you know beforehand, you can go through Pinewatch, collect the vital loot and instantly complete this job as soon as you talk to Endon.
From this point, she closely monitors his behavior, following him around everywhere, only leaving her post to eat or sleep. A good map is helpful unless you leave yourself to explore for hours on end, which isn’t a bad thing if you have the time.

This quest is optional and you can obtain it only after completing the last major Companions quest Glory of the Dead.
After you agree to complete the task, you can be asked to go with her in search for magical totem.
Put newly obtained totem in a place marked by the game (screen above), receiving gold and ending the quest.
When pressed, the bookshelf will open (there is a note on the table that will tell you there is a hidden room behind the bookshelf).
The item in question was taken by a group of bandits led by Rigel Strong-Arm and brought to their hideout at Pinewatch. For example, the bandits who are sitting around the table in the first room in the interior Sanctuary. Falion becomes angry if spoken to, but 200 can be gained if the Dragonborn agrees not to mention his behavior to others. All of these are from various sites that I’ve found online, but I think that the original one I found by GameBanshee is still one of the most useful ones as it contains most, if not all, the locations. You can also earn them by completing quests, steal them from people, find them in dungeons, or earn them by solving puzzles, etc. The quest area is obviously designed to allow the player opportunities to sneak around the bandits. Once you get there, you'll probably have to fight some wild animals or monsters (screen above).

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